Gasoline in lt for 34 K. And darkly uncontrollable

Record oil tracks caught up with esk motorists. After long months, when the growth of its price was offset by a strong koruna, the world price of oil is having a hard time with Czech pumps. The hall started to increase, in summer the price per liter of petrol could rise to 34 crowns, for diesel it could go up to a crown in.

And in the fall, prices could even approach the tyicetikorunov border. The reason? Not even a strong Czech is in the face of soaring oil prices, which for the first time crossed $ 126.40 per barrel.

1. Is oil still healthy?

Although many analysts refer to speculators who price up, the original spell is nervousness in commodity markets. It stems from fears of oil supplies. In other words, the task capacity is a step in line with the current demand and there has always been a shortfall in gas or, perhaps, initially about the shorter supply of petrol and diesel, so that the market responds further. You don’t have to make a big deal yet.

2. Who will go to the oil tracks?

Oil companies profit the most and record profits are reported by oil companies. The snow-covered piste on the pilgrimage in Dubai may not be far from the view, but the Russian economy will be on the oil tracks.

According to Bloomberg, they represent energy raw materials, in which oil makes up more than two-thirds of Russia’s total income from exports. According to all words, Russia spent $ 122 billion on oil last year. And it is no coincidence that the world’s largest company is the oil colossus Exxon Mobil. In the first quarter of this year, he spent $ 10.89 billion.

3. How long will the oil go for?

The question to which the two largest at the age of ten are the same answer: thirty and forty years. How is it mon? There are several explanations. Oil companies most often argue that the rising price of oil washes the field, which was two below the break-even point. Therefore, optically the method does not decrease, according to some of them there is even a stle vc.

On the other hand, you need to realize that most OPEC countries, which have detailed information about their resources, are definitely not among the most reliable and manipulate estimates. This is how few people will see the real things in Russia. One thing is for sure. Deposits of readily available oil will be emptied, new ones will be found close to the surface, and oil will begin to enter the market under costly conditions.

4. Do you make money from the rising prices?

Usually not. In the case of petrol pumps, they are usually kept on a level table, which the pumps draw to the current purchase price of fuel.

f Petrol Martin Durk has recently heard that mare has been around two crowns per liter in recent years. The owner of the filling stations decides on the profits on the location. You mare are at the debtors and transit move.

5. For diesel costs gasoline, does the car pay for diesel?

The price of diesel is driven up by high demand, which is mainly related to the ever-increasing sweat of trucks. However, refineries cannot change technology from day to day and produce more diesel.

The fact that the production of diesel is cheaper and in the Czech Republic you pay for two crowns per liter of lower consumption tax. Thanks to its consumption, the diesel car will still pay off for companies and I go, which ramps a thousand kilometers.

6. What does it cost us – fuel itself, or a tax on it?
Oil did not pay half of the price of the pump at the Czech Republic. For each liter of natural, the salary is consumed, which without a threshold reaches twelve crowns, for diesel it is taxed by two crowns less.

The prices of raw materials and excise duties must be prepared by the distributor and the seller (two and three crowns) and VAT (at the price of fuel 32 K is five crowns). As a result, we find that the natural amount from all taxes and mar can be around 12 crowns.

7. For us, the rapid recovery of oil has not gone so much?
The answer is simple – motorists can undermine especially strong crowns. At the same time as oil began to rise, a sharp strengthening of the Czech koruna against the dollar began. The so-called dollars polt, therefore, for a long time proved the adverse effects of vyruit.

Now the koruna has stopped at 16 korunch per dollar and the slow rise in oil prices is still very worthwhile in the Czech Republic. If the dollar sold as expensive as a year ago (around 21 crowns), we would now pay more than 35 crowns for a liter of natural, more to go for diesel.

8. How much fuel do you need to reduce car driving?
According to economists, such a border is far. According to David Marek from Patria, there could be a small amount of consumption at a time when prices on the stands hell over 40 crowns.

“At the same time, public transport would be more expensive, so it would not be a long-term effect,” Marek said. In addition, if we raise the price of fuel to the average wage, we find that we can afford to drive more than two. Five years ago, when a liter of natural cost over 25 crowns, you paid an average salary of 630 liters. Now that gasoline is six crowns more expensive, we refuel for an average salary of almost a hundred liters more.

9. How much oil do I see during the year?
In this question, analysts are much more optimistic than their American colleagues. The Goldman Sachs bank predicted, according to the Wall Street Journal, that by the end of the autumn, a barrel of oil would be 150 and 200 dollars.

“Don’t even predict that $ 150,” said Prko. According to him, the market is spe peht and in the near future prices will fall to 110 and 115 dollars per barrel. “The current development is full of speculators who are trying to win the price as much as possible. If it weren’t for them, the oil would definitely not be sold so expensively, ”adds Prochzka.

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