Getting rid of your knees will help hit employees. Playboy magazine started with them

Companies try to hit employees as they should. At a time of minimal unemployment, they are looking for compensation for those who decide to leave. One such motivating tool is gamification. Dominika Szymaska ​​from DMC management consulting describes how it looks in practice.

An engaged employee is more productive, that’s for sure. So how do you make the corporate environment and work so engaging that there are no stereotypes and conflicts at work and the people are satisfied with the work?

Gamification is originally a marketing technique that implements game elements into business processes. Its goal is to increase the interest in some darkness so that it makes the processes more ridiculous. It became widely known in 2010, among the first to be used by the editors of Playboy magazine.

Internal for people in the company, external for customers

There is a gamification of the internet that is exchanged for employees and deepens the relationships between them, trying to increase commitment or motivation. And then there is external gamification, which is customer-oriented. One of its forms is, for example, various supermarket loyalty programs that lead to collection points, from which discounts and other rewards result.

Internal gamification can be used for recruiting women or inserting new employees into the company. Try to create a friendly atmosphere. New skills are coming to terms with a new work environment, with new colleagues.

It is very important to have a feeling of autonomy and the ability to make a decision and become an important set of resources, without which the company could not function.

British American Tobacco used a great gamification system to recruit new entrants into its two-year program for young managers. The game lasted 6 weeks, when the participants took the case of the study and scored points on the discussion board. So they could watch how they were doing and compare themselves with others. In addition, they got to know the other participants in the game.

Hra na detektivy

Not only teambuilding activity can be gamified, but also e-learning, internal workshops or even profiles of employees in the company intranet. I am looking forward to fun so that it is attractive and motivating for employees.

The first problem associated with motivation and personal activity, respectively proactivity, is one of the main stones of many companies. Employees do not consider themselves a part of the game, but often a cheap tool in the hands of their employer. And so don’t put your day above standard and lose your loyalty.

An interesting product in this area is, for example, a detective game adapted to the corporate environment of Exit Game. Its goal is cooperation, which helps to identify the strengths and weaknesses of individual darkness and their cooperation. To a certain extent, participants are forced to drop their professional weapons and immerse themselves in a time-limited fighting game, which takes place even in a limited space of the meeting room.

Exit Game is usable even in case we want to give interesting and boring darkness. For example, work safety and compliance with its rules. Instead of long presentations, the basics of health and safety can be covered in such a way that the participants not only manage to get involved, but especially guarantee that they will remember much more than the typical presentation thanks to the experience of the game. This is especially important for new employees entering production operations.

Fill in the kdovac table

What does such a game look like for new employees of a manufacturing company? Theoretically accompanied by a mole, about 15 minutes of play for a maximum of 10 people. Participants learn that it is possible to determine the number of bicycles in the room, which the group must solve in order to go to the plant. In addition, get information that they can apply for help twice, but not after 5 minutes of play at the earliest.

The wheels are hidden on pieces of paper, just like all the other things you need to play to fulfill them. One of the rounds is, for example, to list how 4 telephone calls I need to know, whom I will allow myself on what to see and what to report to him. On the next ticket is the back one, which looks like this:

.—- ….. —–

.—- ….. —..

.—- ….. …..

Participants do not need to know the Morse code, but in order to obtain a signboard, they must equip one of the group with protective equipment according to the picture in the room. This is just a fraction of how many types of bikes in the safety area my knees perform. Bad for the creativity of the author of the game and the resources available to him. This is the result of the ease and adventure of the game.

Custom games exist for all equal employees from top managers to operators. And help companies streamline not only their often boring knees.

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