GoPro’s new API allows you to integrate HERO9 Black and other gadgets

GoPro announced on Tuesday (22) Open GoPro, an open API that allows you to integrate the HERO9 Black camera with other systems and devices. With technology, professionals will be able to access the following resources of the action cam: wireless connectivity, command and control, camera status, content preview, SD card media review and transfer.

Code samples are available for Python, C, Swift and BASH. The content can now be accessed for free on GitHub. The company points out that other brands are already using Open GoPro, including Amazfit, Centurion Boats, Orqa, Pixellot and Sena.

Amazfit, for example, used the novelty to integrate the GoPro camera with their smart watches. Thus, users can use a branded smart wristband to remotely control the HERO9 Black.


Open GoPro goes public with the camera firmware v1.6 update, which is available via the Quik app or on the website. Updates include more speed and consistency for turning the camera on/off, more touch screen sensitivity in menus, and more reliable remote control usage.

To update the firmware of HERO9 Black, simply pair the camera with the Quik app. Learn more about Open GoPro on The Inside Line website or blog.

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