Great overview of prices for new and old apartments in 80 cities of the Czech Republic

While last year a seven-hundred-meter-old apartment 3 + 1 in Hradec Krlov cost 1.3 million crowns, this year it will cost 1.75 million. In the overview of 80 cities, which have more than 10,000 inhabitants, you will find such differences.

Prices are rising quite sharply in the capital. Now pay even in locations that have experienced a significant change, there are new metro stations and attractive apartment buildings, such as Vysoany in Prague 9, said the director of FINEP Ji Pechek. The price of one meter of tverenho here was around 50 thousand crowns. The new apartment in the former debtor district should now cost at least 2.5 million crowns.

The price jump bag is not limited to the metropolis. Last year, real estate experts agreed in the forecast that the price of real estate will increase in the vicinity of Brno and in the Moravian-Silesian region. And this pedpov was fulfilled.

You are very interested in apartments in Frdecko-Mstecko and Bruntlsko. Prices go up by 30 percent. However, the cities in this region have gained 70 percent, says Petr Illetko, director of real estate agency AAABYTY.

For owner-occupied flats, the prices for the whole of Moravia have visibly increased, according to, for example, in Mladá Boleslav and Hradec Krlov, to Ji Pcal from Central Europe Holding, which otherwise does not see the prices of new or old flats in Prague so dramatically. According to him, these prices have not changed significantly in the last two and three years. Urit are real estate, their price number was higher, but so are the projects, their sales have increased and discounts and other benefits, add.

Large overview of prices apartment in 80 cities R

South Moravian Region
Moravian-Silesian Region
Stedoesk kraj
Liberec region
Karlovy Vary region
Plzesk kraj
Olomouc Region
Zlnsk region
South Bohemian Region
Krlovhrad region
Pardubice region
Vysoina County
plug region

From elsewhere on the contrary hls calm…
According to Jiho Pcal, localities, such as the city of Central Elbe, have panels to communicate in both northern and western areas, where prices are stagnant and even falling.

Experts mention the lowest number of prices for prefabricated houses in cities with a lack of greenery, poor transport accessibility and insufficient civic amenities, such as in St. Nad Labem.

According to press reports by Petra Horkov-Kritofov from the Association of Mortgage Brokers, panels are an exception in regions where a large number of people move to work in new industrial centers, and so where the situation is difficult or not at all.

Or even a drop in prices
According to Petr Illetek, in some regions, for example in the Liberec region, there is no interest in large two-generation flats on sdlitch. The decline can be talked about in large houses on Vysoin, from which it is difficult to get to work in the city, young people prefer to go elsewhere, to Petr Vosmk.

Prices do not go down only in unattractive locations. For example, in the crack of Troja, the table is almost 50 thousand, this year it will cost him 48 thousand crowns.

What you will find in the overview
For each city, the price is one meter of a quarter of flats with an area of ​​a standard apartment of 68 m2 (2 and 3 + 1) in the center. So not on the city square, but not on the outskirts of the city behind a sign with the name of the village. Here you will find prices for new flats, ie new buildings that are a maximum of ten years old, and flats under construction, and for flats in old buildings that are approximately 30 years old. For comparison, the price is always given last year and for the first half of the year and its nrst in percent.

The documents for the overview were provided by MF DNES Hypoten banka, which is based on the real prices at which the real estate of its client is sold. Where there are empty poles, real estate is not traded or only to a limited extent, it is also not possible to set an average price.

Current prices apartment and rent

Pro se figures?
In other places, you may encounter data that are not entirely consistent with our view. For digits from different sources? It is the bottom of the data collection methodology.

Regularly, and first of all, the development of prices in the Czech Republic since 1998 began to publish Czech statistics. It is based on data from the Ministry of Finance, which in turn is based on real estate tax returns. From this methodology it follows that the S data are quite lower, they actually have data from 2005.

In 2000, it joined the Institute of Regional Information (IRI), which monitors the offer of advertising real estate prices. That gives me a bit of a problem. IRI based on the prices listed in the ads, the property will eventually sell me for a full board. Of course, banks, real estate agencies and industry experts keep their statistics. The price index for msc is published by the magazine Realit, here it focuses mainly on Prague.

The text was prepared with the contribution of the regional editors of MF DNES

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