HBO Max Releases Update to Fix Apple TV App Issues

HBO Max released this Wednesday (09) an update for its Apple TV application, which promises to fix several inconsistencies that have been affecting the software since last week. Viewers have been complaining about issues with important features such as rewind and fast forward content, HDR activation, permanent “next episode” popup, broken subtitles and Siri commands.

Most of these bugs in Apple TV started showing up after HBO Max decided to disable the tvOS player, native to the app, and replace it with its own APIs, in an update last week (2). According to the straming service, video playback returns with today’s upgrade.

Reactions to the new Apple TV update

The HBOMaxHelp account reported on Twitter that, in addition to restoring the native tvOS video playback experience, there are “more improvements to come”. Recognizing that they had “stepped on the ball”, the help service said goodbye with the traditional phrase “thank you for your patience”.

However, it seems that not everything has been fixed. Users who have already received the new update have used the HBOMax subreddit forum to report that some bugs have not gone away. A user complained that his subtitles are returning to Spanish on their own. At least today’s update made it easier to switch subtitles.

Asked by the The Verge how is it possible that a company the size of HBO Max, in full expansion phase (it will arrive in Brazil on the 29th!), was able to release a software with so many flaws, not even the general manager of the company, Andy Forssell, was able to answer.

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