He gave a disaster in the sales of the fund

The past week marked another disaster for the domestic fund of funds, for which the difference between sales and purchases was a threatening -1.4 billion K. Stock markets, on the other hand, performed quite well. A good first for conservative investors is again two new hedge funds from HSBC.

At the arrest of the week, the world markets continued in the growing mood of the previous week, to which the stable price of oil and the calming security situation in the world contributed. The decline occurred in the middle, when after the announced deterioration of Coca Cola’s profit duty, there was uncertainty in the market about the development of companies’ economic results for this quarter.

However, macroeconomic data and data from the employment sector prevented a significant impact on the market. From the microsphere, Oracle and Ford in particular helped the market, and the rise in oil prices did not resist the price action, as was the case in previous periods.

In the domestic market, EZ shares in particular continued to grow, rising even despite the unsuccessful tender of Slovenské elektrren and again reaching its all-time high. Philip Morris, who again jumped above the 15,000 K mark, recorded an interesting growth, Erste Bank and Komern banka did not lag behind either, and Unipetrol was at a long-term peak. No wonder, then, that the main indices have reached a maximum decade.

A week of performance lasted for a week, according to statistics from the Union of Investment Companies (UNIS), only 5 funds registered the questionable performance, of which three exchange funds – SOB Kvanto Kombinovan (-0.16%), SOB Trade Fund (-0.12%) and ivnobanka dynamick (-0.01%). On the contrary, the funds recorded the highest performance between shifts IKS Balancovan (+1,40 %) a J&T OPPORTUNITY CZK (+1,06 %).

Not more than one percent wrote the stock fund PI new economy (+ 1.97%), two funds from P Invest gave the following time: PI globlnch znaek (+0,91 %) a PI Biotechnology Farming Fund (+ 0.79%). On the other side of the performance table, there is a fund for equity funds SOB Stock Mix with vkonnost – 0.21%.

All about funds – special area Catch Funds

Bond funds performed well over time. The funds were the best of them ISS-Trendbond (+ 0.39%) and ISS-S corporate bonds (+ 0.36%). From the money market funds, the funds performed best every week IKS Penn trh (+0,09 %), PI Penn (+0.05%) and SOB entries (+0.04%).

Many mountains of the situation is in the field of istch sales. In just one week, a total of 1.36 billion K of funds were lost. It was one of the worst weeks this year ever. The funds (-1.31 billion K) have the largest share in this apparent result, and then the specific funds SOB wealth (-950,5 mil. K) a ICS Global Conservative (-269.9 thousand. K).

These two funds had the worst balance of net sales in August (net sales of the SOB wealth fund in the last few months even reached the value of -3.08 billion K) and their results are mostly due to the fact that the assets of mutual funds of UNIS member companies decreased in August from K 108.7 billion to K 107.8 billion TO.

Type of fund

The best

The worst

Nzev fond

As a result

Nzev fond

As a result


PI new economy


SOB Stock Mix


PI globl.znaek


IKS Svtovch index


PI pharmacy and biotech.







SOB Quantity kor. dluhop.


ISS-S korp. dluhopis.




PI corp. bond


PI stt. dluhopis


Funds fund

ICS Fund Fund




Pennho Market

IKS Penn trh




PI Penn




SOB entries



IKS Balancovan




J&T Opportunity CZK


UNDERTrade fund


ICS global concervated.


ivnobanka dynamick


is sales of mil. K



SOB wealth


MAX svt. guaranteed


ICS Global Conservative




UNDERTrade fund


Zdroj: UNIS

New growth of HSBC funds

On the 16th of HSBC, HSBC launched two new hedge funds – the European Bonus Fund and the US Growth Fund. Both funds have an investment horizon of five years and do not require daily entry fees. Like the previous secured funds of this company, they are currently sold in 42 countries around the world. The offer of the fund will last until November 2, but similarly to what has happened in the past, the two will be terminated if it is fully upsny. HSBC’s hedge funds are a type of “back-up” company of an investment firm based in Ireland and subject to the supervision of the Irish Financial Market Supervisory Authority. In the Czech Republic, these funds are offered on the basis of a single European license.

European bonus fund offer the opportunity to boost five European economies through five stock indexes: DAX 30 (Germany), FTSE 100 (Large

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Britnie), CAC 40 (France), SMI (Switzerland) and AEX (Netherlands). The minimum investment in the fund is 5,000 euros, US dollars or British pounds. The maximum return of the fund is not limited, the minimum return is guaranteed at 8.3% in US dollars, 10.5% in British currency and 7% in euros. Ron input is required by the so-called locking. If the weakest performance is not questionable in any of the first three years, a minimum total bonus will be used, which is actually a minimum total return. If the lower input is no longer canceled, the bonus will be reduced as much, but it should not be zero.

American Rstov Fund will derive its returns from the development of the US stock index S&P 500. The minimum investment in this fund is 5,000 US dollars. When investing in this fund, investors can increase their resources by a minimum of 10% and a maximum of 66%. The returns will be locked on a quarterly basis (max. 3.3%) and at the end of the fund’s maturity, the return will correspond to the highest values ​​of the growth and decline in the investment period.

In addition to the two hedge funds, HSBC is now beginning to offer value for money in two funds targeting Asian markets and achieving long-term quality performance. The first is Indian Equity, a growth – oriented fund exchanges for Indian stocks oriented in local markets, the second is Chinese Equity, a fund investing in a company that operates mainly in the continental

Do you monitor the development of domestic mutual funds? Which one do you court the most? Drink nm, dark on your ideas and experiences.

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