Historical record of equity funds

Pli positively at first last week did not bring. Although statistics confirmed the number of assets in domestic funds since the beginning of the year, it was very slow. The only groups of funds that are attractive to investors are conservative money market funds and, in recent months, very successful equity funds. Although the resulting balance may be improved by data on investments in foreign funds, we cannot expect a more significant shift from deposits to investments. New this week are two secured HSBC funds.

The stock and bond markets lost in the next short week, and in addition to macroeconomic indicators, the most important of which was inflation in the US, which opened the way to two higher rates, the main events were political questions. The domestic political scene is unclear by the fate of the amendment to the VAT Act, and so attention has been drawn to the progress made in the field of the capital market. At its meeting on April 14, Sent approved the agreement on a company on the capital market, which completes three new agreements in this area. The day before, on April 13, the President signed a law on collective investment and a law on bonds.

According to UNIS statistics, there is CZK 108.5 billion in domestic funds (at the end of the first quarter), which represents 3.14% of the year since the end of the year. Meziron’s assets in the funds were still 0.83% lower (at the end of the first quarter of 2003 there were K 109.4 billion in the funds). Investors in individual funds tell us the most about the current preferences. The highest sales were recorded money market funds, for which sales were strengthened by buyouts of more than 3.5 billion K. This is a high volume

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looking at the year statistics, however, when looking back and so perceived. In the first quarter of 2003, sales of money market funds amounted to K 7.8 billion and K 4.4 billion for the same period in 2002.

The sale of quarterly bond funds recorded a decrease of 2.2 billion K. If we take into account the fact that the knowledge of funds from bond funds was only transferred to money market funds (which have a short-term performance of bonds), it is The dynamics of collective investment in our country are much less important. Historically, the highest (since 1997, for which there are data from UNIS) net sales of equity funds from the last quarter in the amount of 734 million CZK were repeated this time as well – sales in the amount of 689 million CZK are only slightly lower.

Share on assets in fundsAssets in funds (million K)Nrst t-shirt for IQ / 2004 (mil. K)sales IQ / 2004 (million K)
shares 3,7%4 050921689,1
bonds22,6%24 542-1 557-2 264,8
pennho market48,0%52 0802 4773 587,7
smen25,2%27 3351 391-78,8
fondy fond0,4%4616850,3
total100,0%108 4683 3001 983,4

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It is also interesting to compare the number of assets in individual types of funds with certain sales. The share of equity funds (K 921 million x K 689 million) shows the number of assets in connection with the number of shares in the fund’s portfolios. Ruen i spe sluvern of some money market funds (do fond smench) explains the number of assets other than sales of money market funds. Nrst majetku u smench the fund, on the other hand, is a day-to-day fund, an open process in the new year and a predominant amount of assets as a result of court decisions (AKRO, J&T funds).

During the month itself, the assets in the funds increased by CZK 1.1 billion, with the net sales of all funds amounting to CZK 200 million, most of which (CZK -982 million) flowed from bond funds.

New HSBC funds secured

HSBC will offer two new hedge funds from April 15 to June 8. Both funds have an investment period of 5 years, a minimum investment of USD 5,000, GBP and EUR, and no investment fees are associated with investments over the horizon. Provide a world-wide selection of pichz with a relatively simple construction. The fund’s return is based on three indices: the American S&P 500, the British FTSE 100 and the Japanese Nikkei 225. Each month, the individual indices will benefit from the number and decline of the index, with a maximum of 3% for investments in USD and 3.8% for investments in GBP. In addition to the invested funds, the investor will be paid the return on the best of the changed index. It does not matter how the most developed market grows, the investor will always receive a return corresponding to the most successful market.

Type of fund According to the name, the hedge bonus fund offers it to a highly dynamic market. The fund has its traditional construction deducted and drinks the weakest intermediate performance of the index from the bonus. For each year and a bonus of 8% on investments in USD, 10.8% on GBP and 7.3% on EUR, the bonus can be reduced to zero. The index from which the input will be derived is the FTSE / Xinhua China 25 Index. A novelty in the case of this construction is the locking of the bonus in the event that in one year a minimum total bonus will be written – which means that in the observed year

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the index must not drop during dn msc. If this happens in one year, a minimum full bonus will always be added in the following months (even if the minimum international performance will be questionable). Unlike the first fund, this fund guarantees, in addition to a 100% return on investment, a minimum return in the amount of the bonus for individual currencies.

Trading according to UNIS

In the last week, sales of domestic funds amounted to 143 million CZK, with ISS Sporoinvest (187 million K) receiving the most income. The sales of the KBC Group fund this week exceeded the entire domestic branch. KBC funds raised CZK 300 million to CZK 81 million, which were secured by funds from the current SOB / KBC offer, CZK 193 million by the KBC MultiCash SOB CZK money market fund.

Type of fundThe bestThe worst
Nzev fondAs a resultNzev fondAs a result
SharesPI F. farmacie a biotech.1,45%PI New Economy Fund-1,77%
PI F. ropnho a energ. pr.1,29%IKS Svtovch index-1,61%
SOB Stock Mix-0,56%ISS EUROTREND-1,56%
Bondsivnobanka NADAN0,03%ISS TRENDBOND-2,18%
PI corp. bond-0,06%IKS Plus bondov-1,72%
SOB Bond Mix-0,06%SOB nadan-0,64%
Funds fundICS fund fund-1,94%
Pennho MarketISS SPOROINVEST0,04%IKS penn trh-0,04%
PI Penn0,01%ivnobanka Sporokonto0,00%
SmenJ&T OPPORTUNITY SKK0,23%ISS Entries-2,19%
PI Moravskoslezsk0,04%UNDER stedoevroprosk-1,54%
PI esk0,03%ISS SPOROMIX 5-1,23%
is sales of mil. KISS SPOROINVEST186,9ISS SPOROBOND-35,9
ISS SPOROTREND27,6IKS bonds-22,0
IKS balancovan13,4SOB Bond Mix-9,4

Zdroj: UNIS R

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