How to make the most of family finances

Have you ever thought about using your family disputes so that they do not lose their value? By choosing a suitable financial product, on the other hand, they can earn a living. But disputes should not only be for investment, it is necessary to secure the family from financial stress.

Mr. Dvok is 32 years old and is employed as a senior technician in the telecommunications company. His wife Eva is two years young and after maternity leave she joined the same telecommunications company as an assistant. The Dvoks have a 4-year-old daughter Jana and lived in their own apartment.

All these family members have concluded building savings contracts under the old conditions, ie with a maximum subsidy of 4,500 K per year. Mr. Dvok has a target of 200,000 K, which will reach the cell this year, while his wife and daughter have a target of 300,000 K. The building society opened, and in December 2003, they have a sufficient reserve on their building savings for the combined members.

Mr. Dvok takes many time behind the wheel in the course of his duties and would like to secure his family in case the worst happens. At the same time, keep an assurance for your daughter Jana.

In addition, the employer of both spouses decided on contributions to the pension supplement, which will be constant for all employees, in the amount of 300 K.

Poadavky a cle

Mr. Dvok wants to apply for a pension from a completed building society and invest the 200,000 K. These pensions are intended for the start of Jana for life, so it is assumed that the family will not need them for at least 14 years. Mr. Dvok would like to choose some dynamic strategy, he is willing to respect any short-term fluctuations. Due to the high yield of about 9%, it does not want to take the pesto high risk.

Upon completion of the building connection, the family will release 1,500 K msn, which was used to defer. Dvoks would be able to use this amount to provide a one-time connection for the daughter and to secure the financial amount in the event of the husband’s death. Since Jana recently broke her arm, she gives birth to things that are more likely to come from a child. Firstly, the daily court in the case of a single, the so-called pain, when the children are filled in the agreed financial amount only once a day and thus the consequences lasted once.

Mr. Dvok knows that if the worst happens to us, the family will have big financial problems, so he wants to provide insurance protection against death in the amount of two and three times his income. At the same time, he wants the product to spoil.

Based on the employer’s decision to grant a pension contribution, Manel Dvok wants to open a pension fund. Their idea is twenty per pension connection as much as will be most effective, they set the upper limit at 300 K per capita.

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So he can find for this family one that will meet all their requirements:

1. Invest a one-time deposit of K 200,000 from a building society
2. Conclude pension funds with the employer’s contribution for both spouses
3. To secure for Mr. Dvok a bond in case of death from any pins
4. Secure the small connection for little Jana

Hints and tips

You will consult a financial consultant, who will be able to choose from more than one connected product.

Every contract is worth something, so you know whether the required parameters can be determined by a single contract.

When making a one-time investment, consider whether you can clearly define the duration of the investment and the investment. By choosing a precise member of the investment strategy, you can achieve an interesting evaluation.

Ad 1. – Investovn
The method of investing 200,000 K from the building savings can be defined quite precisely, because the family knows what and when the pension intended. We will not need these pensions for a period of 14 years, Mr. Dvok wants to invest more, with a high return and is clear with possible fluctuations – so let’s choose a dynamic portfolio. The goal of the dynamic portfolio is to achieve long-term growth in the value of investments, the funds will be invested in share certificates of mutual funds.

With the end of the program, we recommend reducing the share ratio at regular intervals and increasing the share of the bond and the money market. With this so-called lock-in gain, ie by shifting the equity components of the portfolio into conservative instruments, we will prevent a possible fall in the two acquired returns in the program.

And the family will need a pension, back on the choice of funds, in addition (according to current laws) without a tax profit, which would not be avoided if we saved the pension, for example. in the framework of life insurance or pension insurance.

Ad 2. – Pspvek zamstnavatele
Dvokovi are young and want to open a pension only for the reason of the employer’s contribution. The most suitable variant will choose their own contribution in the range of 100 K msn. This will result in a very efficient investment of 100 K of the code, 300 K of the employer and 50 K of the contribution.

Ad 3. a 4. ivotn a razov pojitn
Since Mr. Dvok does not need a life insurance and wants to be insurance against death and at the same time save, we find only in investment life insurance. Insurance protection against death should be three times the income of the breadwinner, so for Mr. Dvok we need protection for 600,000 K. At the same time we want to put the bag together, insure Jan once and we have 1,300 K, because we spent 200 K of free pensions. on the pension connection.

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As an option, it is possible to choose a life insurance policy in which the insurance protection against death sweats from the total paid insurance premium, inserted into the savings folder, for the entire period. Mr. Dvok is 32 years old. In order for life insurance to be deductible for tax returns, the insurance period must be at least up to 60 years of the client’s age, in which case 28 years.

According to, we have to meet with a stamp for little Jana. 200 K daily compensation in the event of an accident and 600,000 K for the permanent consequences of an accident will be 144 K msn.

Zbv nm therefore 1 166 K, with which we can potato into spoc slo. The total premium paid will therefore be 1,166 K x 28 years x 12 msc, that is 391,776 K. Of this amount, the insurance company allows to recognize and 200% for insurance protection against death. We need 600,000, which is 150%.

Mr. Dvok therefore binds Jana, himself to death, in one contract, 1,166 K goes to spoons him and, moreover, he has created a claim for tax deduction.

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