How to secure income and avoid financial hardship

You also have an employed income, but you are afraid that you will come as a result of unforeseeable circumstances – for example, thanks a lot? There is more to avoid. On the model example we can tell how.

Martin is 30 years old, single and working as a blanket. Work on a trade license. He issued about 13,000 K msn. In addition to the usual cost of living, there is a gap between the building savings, which was used for the reconstruction of the apartment. Spark in 3,000 K / msc.

Because Martin’s permission is risky and Martin has suffered it several times at work, he would like to secure himself in case such a situation is repeated. He wants to secure an income in case his income from his job is lost due to a sudden or illness. At the same time, he wants to be financially secure in case of permanent disability. He is willing to spend around 1000 K / msc for such a complex provision. Martin would welcome it if, thanks to the cost of securing income, he spends some pensions.

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Securing income is very important. If we do not have a good income, we can not be sure that we will finance our volumes. The ability to meet the lease, mortgage or savings for children depends on our income. If for some reason I get a strong dream, or we lose it completely, it can cause financial problems.

Income decline can occur only in the short term, say for a period of tdn, msc, a maximum of 1 year. The most common causes are neither illnesses nor less often. There is also a long-term decline in income, even for less than 1 year. This is usually due to the permanent consequences of an external disease or illness. Some of these consequences can even lead to walls or full disability.

Except in changing situations, the decline in income may of course occur with the loss of employment. In order to hell the time without employment, it is good to create a sufficient financial reserve. But we will not eit in this case.

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How are financial products handcuffed?

There is more to getting income. It can also be an investment or, for example, a mortgage on real estate, from which the permanent rental income will flow. Such methods are usually suitable for people with incomes. For the current Martinov requirements, it will be appropriate to use insurance products.

A short-term decline in income can be attributed to private health insurance companies, which refers to a situation where there is a loss of income both as a result of a sudden and as a result of illness. This is a guarantee of payment for the period when we are hospitalized in the hospital and while we are incapacitated for work. We can bond and once again. Training is done daily for only once or your body is damaged as a result.

In the case of a daily allowance, a double fee is paid for each day only once if it is only at least 7 days. Then the daily door is filled in from the 8th day, even back in the first 7 days. In the case of insured body damage as a result of a one-off, a certain percentage of the insurance premium is paid, depending on the percentage of body damage to the body. This connection also applies to small strokes such as ankle sprains, fractures and broken fingers. Today, this type of connection is offered only by a few small connections and is one of the main connections.

The long-term decline in income is due to the permanent effects of the event. The insurance company pays a certain percentage of the insurance premium for each time that left the consequences. Each insurance company sets these percentages in its own way – some fully from 0.5%, some from 1% or even from 10%. Whether he left the consequences lasted or not, with all values ​​and after 1 year from the time. This type of connection is also agreed with the so-called progressive filling. This means that, for example, if we are insured for the permanent consequences of a 500,000 K fuse and there are permanent rebates of not less than 25%, then it is full of twice the fuse. If it is more than 50%, then from three times and if it is more than 75%, it is filled from 4 times the insurance premium, ie in this case from 2,000,000 K.

Financial protection for the case of permanent invalidity can be solved by insured permanent invalidity as a result of a period, or a total full invalidity, which applies to an invalidity caused by both a period and an illness. Both of these connections can usually only be arranged as a part kapitlovho ivotnho pojitn, flexible life insurance or Investinho ivotnho pojitn.

In the case of capital life insurance, there is always an automatic system insurance for the fall of death. In the case of flexible life insurance, the insurance policy in the event of death is variable, we can set a minimum or even zero insurance policy. In both of these insurances, the guarantee is usually paid at the end of the insurance period. For an investment life insurance guarantee we do not have a guarantee of payment at the end, but again we can decide how it will be with us insurance and we can achieve a very interesting input. The insurance is invested in open-end mutual funds. The insurance cover in case of death is variable.)

How to succeed and spend as much as possible


In the event that Martin is incapacitated for work due to a job or illness, his income would be completely lost. That is why we want to provide Martin with an income for this situation and at the same time to ensure that Martin receives some pensions in the form of disputes from the agreed financial products. And that’s around 1,000 K / msc.

Due to the fact that Martin is a craftsman, he will usually be treated at least in the type of risks of the group, which significantly increases the price of insurance. It is necessary to look for such a product or such a combination of financial products on the financial market, which at least for the most part exceeds Martin’s requirements.

There is an insurance product on the market, which can be very cheap under certain conditions. If we arrange with one domestic insurance company pension pipojitn, we can get cheap insurance, which includes both once and health insurance. For Martin, we will choose one of the connection variants offered, which will be 236 K / msc. The price includes a daily allowance of 300 K / day in case of hospitalization and a guarantee of payment of a allowance of 300 K / day from the 29th day of incapacity for work.

The insurance includes the payment of an insurance premium of 600,000 K for the event of death at once and 600,000 K for the permanent consequences of the accident. The lasting results are once in the form of a progressive indemnity, so the indemnity can be up to 2,400,000 K. Exceptionally, the insurance company in this product does not stipulate insurance for the type and three risks of the group. Martin will therefore pay for the insurance in the same way as if he were one. However, it will be necessary to agree on a supplementary pension change. Let’s arrange it at a minimum possible level, which is 100 K / msc. IN pension fund will be spent in Martinov 60 years about 80,000 K.

Put the product that we use, the investment will be life-friendly. It is the most variable product in life insurance and in its case the potential is of the highest value. Thanks to Martin’s age, we can set your insurance period to 30 years. In such a long horizon, the risk associated with the investment is significantly and the probability of an interesting appreciation is high. In addition, Martin will deduct the entire 700 K, which he will put into this product, from the tax base and thus achieve tax disputes.

Because Martin is single and there are no people who would depend on his income, let’s set zero insurance for death. However, we will include in the insurance program insurance for the case of full disability in the amount of 500,000 K and 400,000 K for the permanent consequences of both once with progressive benefits. In the event that Martin suffers once, which has left the consequences, it will therefore be charged in the amount of 1,000,000 K in the competition with the previous insurance company. If we assume an appreciation of at least 7% pa, in the 60s, mt Martin will be saved around 300,000 K.

So let’s summarize how many financial products there will be in the change, what insurance protection and how pensions will bring them:

In total, Martin will pay 1,036 K / msc. If we take into account the tax dispute over the investment insurance and consider that Martin would be in the lowest tax dog, it is 952 CZK / month.
If Martin is in the hospital, he will receive 300 K / day.
If he is incapacitated for work according to ne msc, he will receive 9,000 K / msc from the insurance company.
When it happens to him once, which left the consequences, he will be filled with 1,000,000 K of insurance.
If he is fully disabled, he will receive a single 500,000 K.
About 380,000 K will be saved in the pension.
If he needed to take two pensions, then:
o I can withdraw from the pension fund after 15 years and half of the current status here, that is in Martinov case around 30,000 K.
o I can withdraw from the investment insurance at any time after 2 years. If he decided to do so, for example, in the 20th year, I would run out of about 150,000 K.

This is not the only one that can be found and given in suitable ways.

Hints and tips

– In the event that ensuring a full income is for all financial users, make a compromise. Do not spend the rest on the binder in case of a small fall. It is better to spend your pension against the long-term decline in income.
– Consult an insurance broker or an independent financial advisor, who will usually be able to choose from more than one connected product.

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