Instagram: How to prevent other users from posting your photos to Stories

In 2016, Instagram brought to itself the main feature of Snapchat: the photos and videos that disappeared hours after they were published. The novelty was named “Stories”, and of course it fell in the liking of users of the platform; the following year, for example, Stories users reached the 700 million mark, which clearly shows the popularity of the feature.

Recently, Instagram created another resource for those who enjoy using Stories. As of May 17th, it has become possible to share feed posts from a public account in Stories. This will make the image become a sticker in the Story, along with the credits of the owner of the original post. By touching the sticker, the user is directed to the original account.


This is a very interesting feature for commercial accounts, for example, as it is possible to show the products being used by customers. But what about when the novelty also applies to regular accounts? Yeah, then things can get a little complicated; after all, not everyone wants to see their posts being sent to other profiles, right? To solve the problem, Instagram has brought a feature that prevents this from happening.
Check out how to prevent other users from sharing your stories:

open instagram


Then tap the icon in the lower right corner to open your profile


Tap the settings icon. You will see several options being shown


Scroll down to the “Privacy and Security” section. There, tap “Sharing in Stories again”


Just drag the key and the feature is disabled


Remember that this option is available on both Android and iOS systems

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