iOS 14.2 would be draining 50% of the iPhone’s battery in half an hour

Remember the cases of excessive battery drain on iPhone 12 that occurred last week? The culprit for the problem may have been found: users point out that iOS 14.2 is making certain Apple smartphones consume more energy than expected.

According to reports published in online forums, Apple smartphones lose up to 40% of energy at night, in idle mode. In some cases, the system drains half of the battery in just 30 minutes of use.

iOS 14.2 would be causing battery issues on certain iPhones
iOS 14.2 would be causing battery issues on certain iPhonesFonte:  MacRumors

According to the Phone Arena, the problem also goes beyond battery life in some cases. An iPhone SE 2020 user using iOS 14.2 said his smartphone started to heat up and charge faster, even with the traditional 5W source.

In addition to affecting iPhones, especially older models, the possible bug in the operating system would also be causing battery drain on Apple tablets. According to PhoneArena, some iPads using iPadOS 14.2 would also have been impacted by the issue.

Apple hasn’t officially commented on the matter, so it’s still unclear whether the battery issues are isolated cases. Anyway, the expectation is that a fix arrives in iOS 14.3 and iPadOS 14.3, which are already in beta today.

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