iPhone app lets user browse classic iOS 4 from 2010

Are you part of the group of technology nostalgics, the type who feels a “warm in the heart” when he sees a computer with a tube monitor or when he remembers the nostalgic MSN? If your answer was yes, this news is for you.

A developer of just 18 years, who was a child when the operating system was released, created an app that recreates the entire interface of an iOS 4, available on the iPhone 3G, for example. With the OldOS app, the user can remember their experience and use the phone as if they were in 2010. The apps remain the same, with notes in post-it format, for example.

The user can even browse the internet using the old Safari look and feel. If you want to download an app from the App Store, the user is redirected to the modern store.

Functional and open source

Zane, responsible for the app, says that the tool still has some bugs. iMessage and YouTube don’t work properly but are already being fixed. Remember that a similar app has been released before. Rewound arrived in 2019, but Apple took the tool down, claiming it violated App Store rules.

App starting iOS 4
OldOS app recreates iOS 4’s interface functionally.

OldOS is available on Apple’s TestFlight. The source code — so that interested parties can use, modify or save — the project was made available by Zane on GitHub.

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