managed the ethina without an accent for half a year, you started a business in the Czech Republic

Natallia Mikov is one of the young people who can work hard on herself. She comes from Belarus, but her etina is absolutely perfect and without an accent. she managed to learn etina in half a year in order to defend her Belarusian diploma from the middle round and get to the high round in Prague. She also started a business in the Czech Republic and started the start of her company with the same energy as in mastering the Czech language.

Have you decided to go abroad to study?
My mother led me to get to know another country than my native Belarus.

And did you choose the Czech Republic for it?
At first I wanted to study in Germany, so I learned the nmin to pass the exams. Only then did I accidentally meet a friend who told me that a friend was studying in Prague and I was interested.

Jenome etina is very tk.
Obrovsky tk. In etin, I first had to defend my diploma from high school in etin. The exams were nron, in ethin I defended my knowledge of biology, chemistry, mathematics and thus my knowledge of English. Without it, I wouldn’t get on a high bike at all.

You have a lot of pleasures to get rid of ethina. How to learn children in such a short time?
A week, with the support of my mother, I drove 150 kilometers to Minsk for an intensive ethina course. I listened to esk rdio, watched esk series, etla esk books. I practically didn’t do anything else, I didn’t study ethina.

At the University of Agriculture, you passed her bachelor’s exam, this year you started a business. Was it a moment to try to do business with flowers?
No, I’ve been looking for a long time to try. For example, I considered mdu. But suddenly she drank the opportunity to find her established company and a new direction. I didn’t want to be employed. I decided that I would try to do business with flowers and give in order for the company to start earning money.

Selling flowers is not easy at all. Especially over the Internet.
That’s right, it’s very tk. The competition is fierce. Many people think that buying flowers online is a risk. You basically have to rely on someone. It’s different, not when you go to the store and buy a flower. In flowers, you can see how big the bouquet is, how the flowers are in them. You can’t affect it over the internet. And once you get confused, don’t worry about it.

How to break such a nonsense?
I think that the only way to try the promise. Only then will the hunter be satisfied and still not.

What do you want to do to make people happy with bouquets?
No kurr will take the flower, we will give the customer a photo to see what the bouquet really looks like. When the flower is pedan, we tell the customer by e-mail or SMS first that she can expect a response. And we dream of adding to the bouquet and the advice on how to go so that she will win. They are a little small thing that doesn’t cost much, but from the reactions we get back, let’s see that it gave people long joy.

What else is the key to teaching people to buy flowers on the Internet?
You have to have a nice website and take a bouquet of flowers so that those who visit the site can say that they are nice. And it should not happen that you have a nice website, a beautiful photo of a bouquet and the customer then comes home with something that does not answer. The whole concept must be about when he wants to send him a flower, it’s like when he sent a hundred percent of a gentleman. The point is, then, that one hundred percent of the people from one to the other actually arrive.

Order bouquets over the Internet mainly mui or women?
Vtinou mui. When it comes to hearing, the customers are 70 percent male and 30 percent female. a number of customers return to nm u, which is great. A nkte mui tak e through a ns i sv prvihy (smch).

Also send flowers with an apology Promi me?
It is so. And obas nm pop what they did. Sometimes I want to call such a man and suggest that as an excuse he should send a bouquet (smch). But I’m quite surprised that he can send flowers just to sweat a woman, to show that they love her. That mm rda, this is how it works in ns in Belarus. I think that Belarusian women have brought up their time and with the flowers they receive, they are used to boasting on social sites as well.


Her florists present hundreds of bouquets.

Do a mole. Have you had a crisis when you’re afraid you won’t start a business?
I wasn’t patient at all at the arrest, I’m patient at the arrest. I learned that you need patience at the start of a business. Otherwise the start will not work. You always have to know that it has to be better. We are under arrest, but I think in this business and in the people who are side by side, he is potent. Customers of the two of them showed that they are gifted, he gave a note on the recommendation. And we found that women with our bouquets boast even on social tables. Therefore, when we grow, we sell hundreds of flowers and give us full ones.

What else did you have to learn in business?
Mt discipline. I consider myself a disciplined hunter, because at the age of 17 I managed to learn ethina and go to study in the Czech Republic. But both I also learned to procrastinate and put things away. Even in the business, I was afraid: Jet mm as. But then find that you don’t have to pay right away. Discipline is probably the longest thing in business, you have to get it right. There is no other way.

How did you choose the people in the darkest darkness?
I got the florists on recommendation, one drank herself to apply for a job and fell into the darkness for a very long time. You also have a florist and a colleague who also provides delivery.

There is also an entrepreneur in Manel, do you dream of talking into business?
No, don’t talk, but I know when I will have a problem, the best teacher I can advise me. That’s a pretty big deal.

And you asked for some advice?
Yes, I’m not ashamed of it. He tried to give me advice, probably the best advice was to be surrounded by good people, without which business is impossible. Let’s talk about business at home open. he gives me his opinion on mm things and again on his. We support each other.

Get flowers from your mue?
I get flowers from him often, to say it once a week, but I don’t have such joy (laughter).

Pro? Is it noen dv to wood?
I work with flowers, so I think of it differently. When there are two in each other, how many km do you: If you ordered from us, the flower would be nice (smch). This, on the other hand, would be a wonder if he ordered the flower from us and not from the competition. At least as much overview as the competition dl. But very often, among other things, he will tell him exactly which May they are supposed to take. I do not criticize such a flower, I know that it was compiled by sm, it is quite good in that, it could easily work here with us (smch).

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