Meet the DQ90X: Electrolux’s connected refrigerator

Undoubtedly, Electrolux is a reference in the home appliance market and has increasingly adapted to technologies and the consumer’s constant need for improvement and innovation. And its new release, the DQ90X refrigerator, reflects all of that. Know more:

DQ90X: the launch of Electrolux

The Electrolux DQ90X Connected Multidoor Refrigerator is the launch of this century-old brand, which is a reference in the market when it comes to quality, innovative and technological appliances.

The DQ90X brings the combination of all this with an impeccable design by presenting a multidoor model (4 doors) in stainless steel. It allows a direct connection to Electrolux’s exclusive app, providing functions such as reminder when to consume certain foods and the possibility to change the refrigerator temperature with just one click.

Its big difference is a set of features that allow you to better enjoy your food and bring a lot of modernity into your home, in addition to making the kitchen more beautiful and complete. Thus, it is the ideal product for those who are always looking for the best in terms of technology, automation and who want to enjoy the connected life to the fullest.

Discover the differentials and functions of the DQ90X refrigerator

Now that you know the DQ90X aims to bring incredible connectivity to your home, check out and understand why this appliance could be the perfect new purchase.

Connectivity via App Electrolux DQ90X

From the Electrolux DQ90X app, exclusive to this refrigerator, you can remotely activate various functions of the device, such as changing the temperature of the compartments (fridge and freezer), turning on the Meat & Fish function and modes such as the Turbo Freezer and the Drink Express.

It is also possible to start ice production, lock the refrigerator panel and receive information about the need to replace the air filter and view consumption statistics. So, you can get a sense of your plastic bottle economy, bringing sustainability to this experience.


FlexiSpace is an intelligent compartment that has a variable temperature, reaching up to -23°C in the freezer. It allows automated adjustments to optimally refrigerate each food, such as meat and fish (-2ºC), cold drinks (0ºC), fresh items (+3ºC) and wine (7ºC).

It includes the Meat & Fish function, which can preserve meat and fish optimally, without freezing, for up to 7 days, keeping fresh for longer and ensuring the best use.

Reminder function

The Reminder Function is a great advantage and a huge advantage of the Electrolux DQ90X, as it allows you to trigger reminders regarding the foods that are inside the FlexiSpace when the Meat & Fish function is selected.

Just add a period and the app will notify you about the food, asking if you want to consume it or if you prefer to activate the freezer function. So, you enjoy without wasting, ensuring the shelf life of the food and its conservation in the best way.

TasteLock e TasteGuard

The TasteLock is a special compartment that has a seal and automatic humidity control, which is ideal for keeping fruits and vegetables fresh for up to 14 days.

TasteGuard, on the other hand, is the function that allows you to eliminate bad odors from the refrigerator 9x faster, ensuring that it is always fresh and hygienic — which is possible through its super modern and powerful air filter.

Inverter Technology and AutoSense

The Inverter technology ensures the refrigerator temperature stability, preserving food in ideal conditions and saving up to 30% energy compared to other models.

And the DQ90X refrigerator also has the AutoSense function, which automatically adjusts the temperature of the two compartments (fridge and freezer), in addition to controlling humidity and ensuring the freshness of all stored food.

Water Dispenser, Wine Racks and Multidoor

In addition to all these super technological, innovative advantages that make the Electrolux DQ90X a true automation item for your home, it has an impeccable design with 4 independent doors and an external ice and water dispenser, which can be in cubes or crushed .

The refrigerator has a Wine Racks compartment, exclusive to store wines correctly, and its shelves are flexible, which allows the adaptation of the internal space according to your preferences and needs.

This Electrolux launch brings the best for those who want connectivity, convenience and a super premium device for every day!

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