Model: what mortgage can Javrk reach?

Manelm from our model offered the bank vc, they can’t afford it. About a million and pl. Natst’s common sense worked, and the young people realized that they would have a family, they would not be afraid of the installments.

Manel Javrkovi maj slun pjmy
Zuzana and Petr Javrkovi are manel u tm rok, go for five years according to they lived together in a 1 + 1 apartment in Prague. In the meantime, they are satisfied with their housing, but within two years they are full to start a family and they would like to grow somewhere in it. Their dream is to have a house outside Prague. Controversy over the position of new housing is not enough, and therefore secretly take care of taking a mortgage.

Twenty-eight-year-old Zuzana is lkaka and has earned 23,400 same msn. Peter is 34 years old and currently works as a sales representative for the company’s companies, where he earned 17,500 people for the month. Both have a closed building savings and supplementary pension, Petr also has life insurance.

Their joint disputes amount to a quarter of a million crowns. For now, don’t meet the bottom. For living, food, clothing and mannequins, spend an average of less than 16,000 crowns.

You and pl million is too much, two are so a chore
Banks offer young men and a mortgage mortgage, the installment would be 22,200 crowns. Zuzana and Petr mildly thought about such a hundred, they would be able to finance their housing without any problems. But then they slept and soon started a family, they would not have to pay their pensions in installments. When Zuzana will be home for those years, she will receive 7600 crowns from sttu msn. With Peter’s salary, that’s a total of less than 26,000 crowns for sure. If they don’t get rid of the old apartment, but rent it out, I’ll have another 7,000 more. What u has a total of 32,100 crowns.

As children go, their costs will increase, estimated by at least three thousand. After paying the installment and other expenses (connection and connection), they would have only six thousand left in the town, which they would not be able to handle for three years.

Acceptable in the heat would be 2,100,000 crowns for Javrkovy. If you choose a maturity of 20 years, the installment will not be 14,000 crowns msn. When they use pl million from their disputes, they can invest a total of around 2,600,000 crowns in the purchase of real estate. With this place they have a sunny time to buy a dream family house. The current crack will be offered to the bank as a guarantee, they will get a better annual rate and the rental income should cut them half of the installment.

Before signing a mortgage, don’t forget all the expenses
Both the mortgaged property and the original apartment will have to be insured by Javrk. The bank pledges for a term. At the same time, they should also insure the household so that in the event of an accident they have new equipment. Both manels should close once again.

Manel has to deal with the fact that some pension will be equipped with a house, a conservative estimate of it will be 350,000 crowns. They will take the pension to the equipped Javrek from the building spoen. Petr u et long and terminate the contract immediately. The pension, a total of 220,000 crowns, will be available no later than tmsc. The type of building savings could serve as a financial reserve, but Zuzana closed it only last year, and end it with me and in 2012. If they needed two pensions, they could have a problem.

According to experts, the financial reserve should correspond to three times the same income. No dt comes, it would be good to put in the reserves the funds they spend on rent.

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