mortgage rates have been growing at a record pace for years

Over the last few years, mortgage rates have continued to return to the values ​​they last reached three years ago. August nrst was even the most drastic in the last few years.

The value of the FINCENTRUM HYPOINDEX, which expresses the average annual rate of newly provided mortgages, reached 4.93% in August. Compared to July, this means a record 0.26 percentage point, which is the fastest msn nrst since January 2003, when the data for FINCENTRUM HYPOINDEX began to be monitored.

Over the last few months, average mortgage rates have risen by 0.66 percentage point, as can be seen from the steep end of the curve in the following chart.

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Mortgage rates last reached higher values ​​for the last time in 2004. The rapid growth was due to the fixation of ptiletch and ronch, in both cases it was 0.23 percentage point in August. The average year rate fixed at five years has long exceeded the five percent mark.

How much the mortgage payments increased

For example, in the case of a mortgage with a volume of one million crowns with a twenty-year maturity, and in August of the year the rates of 4.93%, a payment of 6,562 crowns. Over the years of 4.27% rates, for which bank clients negotiated (on average) their mortgages in May, the repayment of the same mortgage is 357 crowns lower.

When comparing May and August, the average year rate fixed for one year is the number is slightly higher, at 0.73 percentage points. During the twenty years of the mortgage in the amount of two million crowns, which is currently the average in the mortgage with a fixed fixation, the difference in the amount of the mortgage is 782 crowns. It is a lot for some members, for others it is not very significant in the budget.

I will eat a hypotky zatm neopad

Out of the years, rates have not yet had a significant effect on the mortgage. In June, the trade was even historically the most successful in terms of sweat and volume of new mortgages; in August, the volume of newly negotiated mortgages was the highest in the history of the quarter. Banks, which provided evidence and which represents the vast majority of the mortgage market, last year negotiated more than seven thousand new mortgages in the amount of 12.432 billion crowns.

Rekordn prmrn ve nov sjednvanch hypotk

The average amount borrowed from banks by borrowers is gradually increasing. Its development since January 2006 is shown in the following graph. This is an average number of newly negotiated mortgages, regardless of the length of their fixation.

In August, it again reached the historically highest value, namely the mortgage with the year of the fixation of the fixation and the overall average. For the first time, the average mortgage with a one-year rate fixed for one year exceeded two million crowns. If we take all new mortgages in total, regardless of the length of the fixation, then the average is in 1,761,000 crowns.

Summary for August 2007 (salary data for natural persons)

Fixation time
years rates:

all fixations together1 year5 let


4,93 %

4,69 %

5,17 %

Change compared to the last msci
(b. p.)*
+ 26* + 23 + 23
Prmrn ve hypotky (tis. K)176120261541
Msn spltka 1mil. mortgages for 20 years (K)656264306694
Msn spltka 1mil. mortgages for 15 years (K)787277487997
elovost vr:
According to vr for purchase on the total pot, incl65 %74 %61 %
According to vr for construction on the total sweat, incl23 %17 %24 %
According to other vr on the total sweat vr12 %9 %15 %

Source: Fincentrum
* 26 basis points = 0.26 percentage points


FINCENTRUM HYPOINDEX values ​​the development of mortgage prices over time. It is out of the average year rate at which providers are in a given calendar month new mortgages for individuals. The weights are the volumes provided incl. Input data for returns is provided by the following banks: esk spoitelna, SOB, eBanka, GE Money Bank, HVB Bank, Hypoten banka, Komern banka, Raiffeisenbank, Volksbank CZ, Wstenrot hypoten banka a ivnostensk banka.

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