NASA broadcasts two live spacewalks this week

NASA will broadcast live two spacewalks scheduled to take place this week, one today (16) and the other on Sunday (20), carried out by astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS). The objective is to install new solar panels to supply energy to the orbital laboratory.

In the first extra-vehicular activity (EVA), which will be the 239th spacewalk in the history of the ISS, the first two solar panels will be installed to update the station’s energy channels. The matrix will be on the left side of the P6 backbone truss structure, connected to power channel 2B.

During the continuity of the activity, next Sunday, marking the 240th space walk, the installation of the second matrix will take place, updating channel 4B. The work will be carried out by European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Thomas Pesquet and NASA flight engineer Shane Kimbrough.

Each spacewalk should last about 6:30 am.
Each spacewalk should last about 6:30 am.Source: Unsplash

The new panels arrived on the ISS carried by SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft on a recent commercial refueling mission. With their installation, researchers at the orbital laboratory will be able to obtain a much-awaited boost needed to carry out scientific experiments.

watch live

The live broadcast of the spacewalks can be followed through the NASA TV channel on YouTube (link below) and also on the website of the American space agency. Both this Wednesday and Sunday, the transmission starts at around 7:30 am (GMT), with the astronauts’ work starting at 9:00 am.

According to NASA, the forecast is that each one of the walks will last for 6:30 am. To facilitate participant identification, the EVA leader (Pesquet) wears the red-striped space suit, while the other crew member (Kimbrough) wears the plain white suit.

Expedition 65 marks the third walk in space between the duo Pesquet and Kimbrough. They were also together in two activities on Expedition 50, held in 2017.

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