NASA posted system image 140 million light years from Earth

On its official Instagram profile, NASA shared, last Wednesday (09), another breathtaking image. According to the agency, the material, captured by space telescopes, displays the Arp 299 galactic system, located 140 million light-years from Earth.

Two galaxies in close proximity emit blue X-ray beams, illuminating the area around them. As the two become one, shock waves trigger the birth of new stars. Also according to the agency, some of these newcomers are gigantic and violent, despite their short lives.

Astronomy enthusiasts, meanwhile, were fascinated by the post, and most of them praised the quality of what they saw. To give you an idea, it has already won almost 615,000 likes.

“These ultraluminous X-ray sources are probably binary systems in which a black hole or a neutron star is pulling material from a companion star”, highlights a space entity, detailing that, of the 25 verified, 14 fall into the most powerful category. Check it out below.

Systems Interaction released by NASA.
Systems Interaction released by NASA.Source: Reproduction/NASA

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For those who wish to redesign their computer desktops, the Chandra X-ray Observatory website, opened in 1999 and one of NASA’s main mission allies, offers high-resolution photos.

In fact, this structure is fundamental for data surveys that provide the creation of unique materials, true portraits of a distant past (our present)

In the case of the current “star”, combining information sent by Hubble (in white and light brown) and by NuSTAR (represented by purple), it ensured a cosmic spectacle worthy of note – highlighting its importance in shades of pink.

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