New angel vs business can deprive Belgian of pensions

The new company, which offers a properly valued pension in the Czech Republic, will draw attention to the risks of the investment, but the return will offer a guaranteed return on investment. You have to be very careful about such offers, similar cases have not turned out the best in the past.

The company Business Angels Investment (BAI) in m pr guaranteed issued 6 7.8%. The offer in all common periodicals bombs the shadows, the bank does not have a pension, the funds do not invest, but the “angel of business” will pay twice as many basic years of peace. Although they may not accept their own deposits.

For years, of course, he forced every “experienced” investor to lose his attention immediately. In these, there are many people who in the past reflected on a similarly appropriate, fast and, most importantly, safe offers, and after some time very regretted their decision ( Helvag case). Unfortunately, they will still find tac (especially old people) who are not aware of the risks, they do not like the valued deposit in the bank, and they do not like investing in the capital markets because of the risks. Then just write a hundred that the fund funds are highly valued without any dedication and it is decided. “Zaruench” 7% is very tempting to just miss this anci.

NB is against
Unlike in previous years, however, BAI will not claim that the investment is safe and the deposits are insured. The company probably responds to the NB’s statement, which warns that BAI is not entitled to accept deposits, is not supervised by the National Bank in that way, and “deposits” are not legally binding. According to the weekly Ekonom, it is probable that the NB will even report criminal charges against the BAI.

During the first contact, the company’s representatives indicate that it is not a bank deposit, but a loan of the company’s shares. Even at a personal meeting, it will be announced that the risk of the investment must be covered, because without the risk it is not possible to achieve the promised return. As a basic payment, the company offers, in addition to the loan agreement, a bill of exchange, which can guarantee the proposed investment under any conditions.

That’s all very nice. But on the other hand, it is necessary to add that the risk is too great for us to get “only” around 7%. The argument that stocks or funds do not guarantee their returns and that investors also take risks with them is also true, but it is far above the aforementioned mark on BAI deposits.

Invest in the event, or in the equity funds, invest in established, long-term operating companies, which can (and actually have to regularly) prove their results. If the investor decides to invest in the event, or terminate the fund, he will be paid the current market value without any delays and restrictions. If an investor in BAI wants to perform, it will be half a year. And what we can say, 3% with an investment of 100,000 K per year is not much. You can spend so much when investing in a bond fund with a lot of risk.

In addition, the only thing we can learn about Business Angels Investments is that it was registered in the ordinary business year this year, the object of its business is to rent real estate, apartments and non-residential premises without providing other non-basic services connected with it. The company ‘s own name is 2 million K. More people will not know.

The company should fully invest, for example, in development projects, or in various business activities of the company, which do not have much chance of getting a loan in the bank. It is practically a provision of venture capital (risk capital), which, unlike banks, directly participate financially in the development of society.

BAI, according to its own opinion, will offer investors, their pension will be used to provide venture capital, much better valued, they will not get in the bank or fund, which are only intermediaries. In any case, investors must be aware that by contributing the resources of a company that provides risk capital, they practically contribute not only to the profits that BAI companies face, but also accept the risks that these companies take. And they won’t be the same at risk capital.

The term Business Angels is commonly used for companies that invest capital in small and medium-sized companies with large growth potential. days of those who work in R, however, do not accept deposits from the public. Equally high returns go hand in hand with high risk and such a long investment horizon. The quarterly input is filled, as is the case with BAI, so the weight is lost.

Mild concerns were also raised by BAI’s management. Typical venture capital companies abroad are established by former employees or bank managers who can boast many years of experience and rich experience in the field of risky investments. These can then be used both during the evaluated project, in which funds are invested, as well as during the actual funds themselves.

Subsidiaries of large banks or international institutions can also act as venture capital companies. He has held senior positions at BAI, the Chairman of the Board of Directors has not reached the age of 30 (born 79), his oldest is only 33 years old and the Chairman of the Board has even recently allowed 25 years, but the feeling of experienced and sharp management did not evoke. I had a lot of young geniuses in the company, but to rely on it simply.

Therefore, if you intend to invest your disputes in this company first, you prefer to give your decision twice. There are quite other types of investments on the market, which promise the same value.

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