New to iPhone? Discover 7 features of Mail to make your life easier

Apple smartphones have many features that facilitate the day-to-day of its users, and iPhone Mail is not left behind when it comes to functionality and speed. The brand’s own email app can satisfy users’ needs very well and it’s time for you to check out some of the features that make Mail a great app for everyday use when you want agility when viewing, responding or creating emails .

If you’re new to iOS and want to understand more about how to use some of the main features of the app, check out the tips we’ve separated:

1. Recycle Bin and Archiving

The first feature of the app allows you to easily move items to trash or archive. This allows the user to focus on the subjects that are important and discard non-relevant messages like spam or access confirmation, online shopping from the Mail inbox.

The control that the user has over this tool is more secure than those found on platforms like Gmail for example. This is because the option to send to the trash needs two steps, slide the desired item to the predefined side in the system and then select the “delete” option.

The way that iOS allows you to change these pre-defined archive and delete email settings is very simple, just go to the Settings app > Accounts & Passwords > Mail > Advanced.


2. Drafts

Viewing those emails that were created to be checked and later sent is simple, the iPhone app lets you with a single tap you can preview all your drafts and then edit or review them before sending.

The user only needs to lightly press the “create email” button in the lower right corner of the Mail app and then he can have access to all his drafts.


3. Notifications – Prioritize emails.

A tool for people a little anxious when it comes to waiting for a response in the inbox. That’s why the highlight of the notifications in the iPhone app is excellent and satisfactory for those who use it in their day-to-day work.

In the Mail app, the user can choose to prioritize emails that are important, that is, it is possible to activate the “Notify me” action in the app, which is nothing more than a specific alert for an important response that is waiting.

Getting access to this iOS alert is easy, you can slide your finger over the desired email and click on the “More…” option where you’ll find the Notify Me feature, plus other great tools arranged on this tab.


4. Adding attachments

One of the things that some iOS users and others who migrate to the system don’t know is how to insert an attachment into an email. That’s because in the Mail app there isn’t any button like we’re used to that has a drawing of a clip.

In Mail, the user only needs to double-click the message body to show the select/select all, when clicking on the arrow to the side, the app will show the options to insert attachment, insert image or video and also insert design.


5. Reply to emails with appointments/suggestions

A really cool feature on iOS is allowing the user to reply to an email that has an image or PDF attached with tags. It is a great ally for those who need to review tasks or perform teamwork, allowing some suggestions for changes to be inserted in the image or PDF and clarifying any issue.

We did a test to show how to access and teach how the tool works. As with the functions described above, accessing this feature of attaching markup to an image or PDF file is not difficult, the user simply clicks once on the content attached to the email and chooses how they prefer to make their annotations.

Suggestions can be made in a number of ways, drawing over the image freehand, using the magnifying glass tool to highlight an important item in the attachment, or writing a few lines if you like.


6. Find email with Siri

In some cases we spend a lot of time trying to find an important email among so many received throughout the day, with the iOS app Mail you don’t have to worry about exploring your entire inbox list to find the one you’re looking for.

The app allows you to control everything through the Siri system, making the experience more enriching. The user instead of putting the e-mail title, contact name to find an important message can simply activate Siri and use it to do this job. The commands to access this feature only require the user to interact with Siri and tell it to “search”, “find” or “show” a specific email just by saying the email title or the contact’s name. For example “Siri, find the email from…” and the system will go through your message list and find what you need.


7. Collect and hide tool

This is a feature for those who like to keep their inbox in Mail organized. When there are many messages on the app’s input screen, it is difficult to read all the emails, because those that have already been read are still among the unread ones.

With that in mind, the collect, compress or hide function on iOS gathers all read messages and allows the user to hide them, leaving visible only those emails that were not opened.

It may be that the contract function is not activated on your iPhone, but you can go to Settings > Mail and select the option “Contract Read Messages” and you’re done.


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