Pentagon discards extraterrestrial technology in sighted UFOs

A new report on sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) prepared by US intelligence officials will be presented to the US Congress on June 25th. But the long-awaited document is likely to frustrate anyone expecting explosive revelations about alien technology.

According to sources heard by The New York Times, the Pentagon report claims there is no evidence that UFOs sighted in the US in recent years are of extraterrestrial origin. Not even the flight capabilities far beyond the known aircraft, reported by those who saw the objects, convinced the investigators.

In preparing this document, US authorities examined more than 120 incidents involving alleged flying saucers over the past two decades. Incidents include, among other things, testimonies of objects flying at very high speeds and with the ability to perform unusual maneuvers.

Investigations have not found evidence that we have received visits from ETs.
Investigations have not found evidence that we have received visits from ETs.Source: Pixabay

Most of these UFO encounters were attended by US Navy pilots, who recorded images of strange objects flying at hypersonic speeds and with no apparent means of propulsion. In some cases, officers tried to chase them.

What would be the sighted objects?

If the investigated UFOs are not of alien origin, what would they be? According to the publication, there are several probable explanations for the phenomena, from weather balloons to secret air experiments with no relation to beings from other planets.

But the justification most defended by the Pentagon is that the mysterious ships are the result of some hypersonic technology developed by Russia or China, rival powers of the USA. This explanation is the one that has caused the greatest concern to US intelligence agencies and the military.

The report, requested by the US Senate Intelligence Committee in December of last year, is expected to propose new standards for recording and interpreting these sightings. Most of it will be released to the public, but some pages will be kept confidential.

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