Phishing: More than 47 million attempts were recorded in 2020

In an interview on the website Canaltech On Monday (14), PSafe CEO Marco DeMello stated that his company, which specializes in mobile security apps, identified more than 47 million phishing scams in the year 2020 alone.

The executive explained that “home-office workers are the new favorite target of criminals, due to the lesser degree of protection they usually have on their devices and connection”.

For DeMello, this worrying number can be explained by the way in which operations are transmitted. “A recent survey showed that 57% of Brazilians use Wi-Fi without any kind of protection, a dish full for hackers,” he said.

The search

The research cited by Marco DeMello was carried out by the dfndr lab, a security laboratory specializing in combating cybercrime launched by PSafe. Conducted with a sample of 2,997 workers from companies with 30 or more employees, the survey found that 30% of home office professionals do not use any type of security against malicious websites.

Another fact that caught the attention of researchers was that, despite four to ten respondents having been victims of some type of malware, 14% of them continue without any type of protection on their devices after the attacks.

Risk for smartphones

Source: Security Information News/Reproduction
Source: Security Information News/ReproductionFonte:  Security Information News

There is also a great risk in the increasing use of personal smartphones to access professional data and exchange confidential information. Of those interviewed in the survey, 42% said they were victims of viruses, and 16.08% of identity theft

Finally, a useful phishing prevention tip is to avoid clicking links embedded in emails as they may be loaded with malware. Therefore, a powerful action against phishing is to be careful when receiving messages from vendors or third parties, never clicking on URLs embedded in the message.

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