Prime Video: 10 Comedy Movies to Watch Streaming

Anyone who likes to have fun watching a movie, can’t miss the unmissable news that are available in the Amazon Prime Video catalog. The platform offers a diverse content, full of original productions perfect for viewers to have a good laugh.

With that in mind, we’ve selected some of the best comedies that can be seen in streaming. Check out!

at war with grandpa

(Amazon Prime Video/Playback)
(Amazon Prime Video/Playback)Fonte:  Amazon Prime Video

Starring Robert De Niro, in the plot of the film, the audience gets to know a little more about the relationship between Peter (Oakes Fegley) and his grandfather, after the latter moves in with his family. With this, the two end up declaring war on each other, as Peter needs to give his room to this relative, being forced to sleep in the attic indefinitely.

A Prince in New York 2

(Amazon Prime Video/Playback)
(Amazon Prime Video/Playback)Fonte:  Amazon Prime Video

After many years away from America, the prince of Zamunda (Eddie Murphy) is back in New York. This time, he has a very important mission, which involves discovering the existence of a son – who could also be his heir to the throne. With the help of his faithful squire, he returns to Queens, in the famous city, to reconnect with the past and also experience many funny situations.

Then the Madwoman is me

(Paris Films/Reproduction)
(Paris Films/Reproduction)Source: Paris Films

This Brazilian comedy film stars Débora Falabella. In the plot, she plays the young Dani, who just wants to lead a normal life. However, her countless attacks of anxiety and insecurities are always ready to hit her in the most delicate moments.

Even so, the character continues to seek strength to face her fears and be a great writer, even though her efforts put her in very inappropriate situations.

Borat: Movie Tape Next

(Amazon Prime Video/Playback)
(Amazon Prime Video/Playback)Fonte:  Amazon Prime Video

Sacha Baron Cohen is back with his iconic comedy movie character. Following Borat, the character finally manages to be released from prison in the Middle East and returns to the United States with his daughter.

Obviously, the comedian could not fail to make his acid criticisms of the government and also of the coronavirus pandemic, showing the world that he is always ready to make fun of what is in his daily life.

In Paulinho’s gogo

(Amazon Prime Video/Playback)
(Amazon Prime Video/Playback)Fonte:  Amazon Prime Video

If you’re looking for what to watch on Prime Video, you can’t fail to give No a chance. Paulinho’s Gogo. The production, derived from the humorous The square is ours, features a well-known character to the public who is responsible for telling many amazing stories about a wide range of subjects. Sitting in a gang in any square, he narrates his adventures in Brazil, always ready to reflect on them.

The interns

(20th Century Fox/Reproduction)
(20th Century Fox/Reproduction)Fonte:  20th Century Fox

In the streaming catalog there are comedy movies to watch with a touch of drama. This is the case of the feature film starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. After going through a lot of turmoil in their respective professional lives, these two friends decide to apply for an internship program at Google, even though they know next to nothing about technology.

the scammers

(STX Entertainment/Playback
(STX Entertainment/PlaybackFonte:  STX Entertainment

In this movie full of good ideas, viewers are introduced to Destiny (Constance Wu) and her friend Ramona (Jennifer Lopez), who teach her all the tricks to succeed in the world of blows. However, the financial crisis hits them hard and they are forced to reinvent themselves, devising an extremely complex plan to keep their standard of living full of glamour.

The family

(Relativity Media/Reproduction)
(Relativity Media/Reproduction)Fonte:  Relativity Media

Robert De Niro is back in this action-packed comedy. The production addresses a family that needs to move to France because of the measures imposed by the witness protection program. In the new country, the group needs to protect itself from the mafia, while trying to get by with the new culture in which they are inserted. Despite the seriousness of the case, a lot of confusion ends up happening to all of them.

Between Knives and Secrets

(Paris Films/Reproduction)
(Paris Films/Reproduction)Source: Paris Films

With a strong cast, Between Knives and Secrets is surprising, as it shows how a mysterious death can have many involved. In the production, the patriarch of a very wealthy family (Christopher Plummer) dies leaving all his inheritance to his nurse (Ana de Armas). This suspicious fact arouses the interest of detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig), who will do anything to solve the case.

unlikely couple

(Lionsgate/Reproduction)Source: Lionsgate

Closing the list, we need to recommend this production with a dash of romance starring Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron. The film shows the reunion of childhood friends, who were secretly in love with each other.

While Rogen’s character plays a clumsy journalist, Charlotte (Theron) hires him to write her speeches, as she is about to run for president.

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