Privacy: iOS 11 lets you disable lock screen notifications

Imagine the following situation: you went out to lunch with some colleagues and left your cell phone on the table. If someone sends you messages, the device screen will light up and… Well, everyone can read what is written. But for iPhone users, the good news is that there’s no longer any need to expose device notifications.

iOS 11, the latest system update, brought several new features, such as changes to the control center and some new features. Among them is the ability to disable notifications on the iPhone’s lock screen, precisely to help protect user privacy. Check out how to activate the feature on your smartphone below:

  • Open the “Settings” of your cell phone.

  • Then tap “Notifications”.

  • Now go to “Previews”.

  • You will see a menu with 3 options. Select the one that is best for your use.

By default, the option “Always” will be selected, which shows notifications regardless of whether the screen is locked or not. If you want notifications to be hidden on the lock screen, select “When Unlocked”. However, if the idea is not to show any notifications in any situation, just select “Never”. So, instead of displaying the message text, iOS only shows an alert, to remind you that there are new messages.

So, you can chat calmly on WhatsApp or Telegram, as no one will read what’s going on in your conversations. This trick can be useful when you are going out to places with a lot of people, taking public transport and other similar situations.

Remember that if you want to enable notifications on the lock screen again, just redo the steps we showed in the tutorial and select the option “Always”.

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