‘Ring of Fire’: rare solar eclipse will be this Thursday; know how to watch

Next Thursday (10), astronomy lovers will be able to follow another rare event. The annular eclipse, also known as the ‘ring of fire’, will be visible on Earth for about three minutes and 51 seconds, starting at 5:12 am EDT.

The phenomenon can be seen entirely in northern Canada, Russia and Greenland. Some parts of the United States, Europe and Asia will be able to see partially. It will not be possible to see the eclipse in Brazilian territory.

Why ‘ring of fire’?

The eclipse earned the nickname ‘ring of fire’ due to the yellowish circle seen during the phenomenon. This is because the Moon is fully aligned between the Earth and the Sun during a solar eclipse.

In the case of the ring of fire, the satellite is farther away from the planet and does not completely cover the Sun. Thus, some light rays “escape” around the edges and form the image.

solar eclipse
Ferdinandh Cabrera / AFP

How to watch?

To follow the phenomenon, interested people will be able to access the Time and Date channel on YouTube, which will broadcast it live. As for people who are in regions where the eclipse is visible, it is recommended to wear special glasses to avoid damage to the eyes.

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