São Paulo Planetarium is recreated in Minecraft

An initiative of the city of São Paulo and the NGO Green Nation “reopened” the Municipal Planetarium of Carmo – Professor Acácio Riberi, which had been deactivated since the beginning of the pandemic, taking the structure to the virtual universe of Minecraft. The action lets you explore the environment from any computer and chat with professionals inside the Microsoft game.

Among the activities available to the public are visits to exhibitions, space “trips” and challenges in the form of questions and answers about astronomy. Henriette Righi, responsible for the project, explains that lives deliver content, but they don’t bring people closer, and the novelty fills this gap, ensuring deeper interactions.

“We are reinventing ourselves to adapt to the current moment, very excited with the results and for being the first planetarium in the country to do this”, emphasizes Mirian Castejon Molina, director of the entity, in an interview with G1. Visits take place on Sundays and are restricted to 20 participants per session.

Step by step

Due to the need to be completely closed for the projections to work properly, planetariums do not benefit from the relaxation of restrictive measures related to the containment of covid-19, not least because their air conditioning systems do not expel air from the spaces.

To check out the virtual edition of Planetário Municipal do Carmo – Professor Acácio Riberi, you must have Minecraft installed and an account in the game. Then just enter the address br-plus-3.enxadahost.com:10334 in the server. Discussions take place through the Discord app (just click here).

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