Scam that promises cheating in online games steals accounts and data

A series of scams involving online games that are on the rise have been detected by the digital security company ESET. According to the report, they promise a series of benefits and even cheating, but actually end up stealing personal data and even entire accounts from victims.

The scam is a classic scheme of phishing, with a page that pretends to be a service that offers mods, cheating methods and even V-Bucks, the virtual currency of Fortnite. One of the most dangerous cases found involves the phenomenon of Epic Games, but titles like Animal Crossing e League of Legends — in all, more than 65 games are used as bait to attract players, all listed on a homepage and showing the result in Google searches.

However, the service does not fulfill what it promises and only wants to obtain credit card information from the interested parties. In addition, it tries to get you to enter the page with an email address or username used in the game, as well as a password. With this information, it is possible to take possession of the player’s profile.

elaborate scheme

Only after providing this data you indicate what you want, such as V-Bucks and unlocking items at no cost. This is the second stage of the scam, which pretends to run a script and simulate an authentication with a server.

At that moment, the website still asks for personal data, such as full name, zip code and bank details to make the payment. A supposed ranking based on user comments and warnings that security mechanisms prevent eventual hacks tries to guarantee a false credibility to the page.

ESET has detected that other previously hacked domains are used to spread the site, but it is not yet possible to know if many people have already fallen for the scam. While the page does not go down, be careful with pages where you enter personal and financial credentials and be wary of selling unofficial mods or promotions for game items.

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