Siln koruna bere jin morav miliardy

The funds are based on projects in the region, secretly with support from the European Union. Only the package prepared for the South Moravian Region is changing, nor would anyone draw on it. Due to the strengthening exchange rate of the koruna, the amount of pensions that the European Union sent to the euro in euros is constantly falling.

How much is it? If all projects subsidized by European pensions in the region were consumed, it would certainly be a hundred in excess of one billion crowns. For example, the substructure of the university campus in the Bohunice district of Brno has cut three hundred million in European subsidies, and Brno itself will cover the losses.

Brno will lose a million plates on trams
I can get less than twenty million euros from European pensions to buy new trams. In a year and three months, when the European pension is to be used up, the price of the euro has fallen by two crowns fifty. That’s about nine percent. The city will receive 550 million crowns, so the city will receive only 500 million crowns from the Union. And in fact the pension will probably go to me, because the crown is strengthening.

“And these are just tram pensions. The main goal for urban development is you, ”said Mayor Martin Ander, who is in charge of European pensions. “We can finally get a city of billions and pl and a few hundred million mn,” he estimated.

Strong crown: billions of miz
However, such a project as the reconstruction of the Brno railway junction connected with the relocation of the railway will also meet with a strong crown. After all, the construction is being delayed, so that the pension will eventually come from the Union.

In the case of Brno, it is about six billion crowns, which, if the crown is strengthened, may change by 2015 by a billion. “We are aware of this problem and will be looking for een. But the project is still under arrest, it is also time to dismantle it, ”said Jan Komrek, General Manager of the Railway Infrastructure Administration.

First, this company prepares the entire reconstruction of the railway. In addition to the Union, the Sttn Transport Infrastructure Fund pays the largest one hundred and twenty billion investments. And in the end, he probably has the unknowing role of the one who pays the pension.

The country follows my project
Institutions or entrepreneurs can be relatively at ease, giving for example European pensions from the so-called regional operational program, which divides the region. Although it will receive them from the Union in euros, it is still in korunch on the accounts of municipalities and companies.

They won’t get me, but I’m in danger of not getting them at all. “Due to the koruna’s exchange rate, some projects may not be available at all. When I use pirovnn, we divide from the coke of apples and the content of coke due to the course of ubv. But don’t change the apples, “said Milan Venclk, President.

He added that while the region does not feel any problems with the distribution of European pensions, but this is only a temporary situation. “It simply came to our notice then. At the end of it, around 2013, these pensions may be missing, “he added.

Hundreds of millions disappear into the air
The region wants to divide about 2.6 billion crowns into subsidies from Moravia and Vysoin to subsidies from European pensions. At the rate of 26.3 crowns per euro. This means that today there are only about 2.5 billion of these pensions, and by the end of the distribution in 2013, it could have cost me hundreds of millions.

The forecast of financial institutions and analysts is relentless to the state administration, secretly with European pensions. “I dare to estimate that in 2013 the euro could be as much as twenty crowns for me. Much will depend on how the economy of the Union and the economy of the Czech Republic improves, ”said Cyrrus analyst Jan Prochzka.

If this were the case and twenty euros were paid for one euro, European pensions would be less than a quarter.

Pessimistic insight: ndra without 1.7 billion
What does it look like in specific hearing? If the city of Brno bought trams and this year, it would have an astronomical one hundred and fifty million million from Europe. And the construction of the Brno railway would lose 1.7 billion crowns from the European budget.

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