Student loans are easy

It is a tempting offer to go to a bank for young people without income. Even if the student does not want to go into debt, he can hardly withstand the pressure of the financial situation.

When starting a student here, to which they did not drink days of boarding, you will fall into the clutches of nice prints. e to nen mon? It is, and it really doesn’t cost a single signature. Student Petr also was convinced of that.

On the day he opened an account, he was given the opportunity to withdraw 20 thousand crowns. I traveled a little bit of faith and grinded myself whether I was buying a hamburger or a script, and suddenly I could go for a dream laptop. It was simple, in fact, they only wanted confirmation of my studies. I didn’t think I would have to pay my pension like that at the time, first a student from a small town. It was enough for him at that moment that he would be able to cope with his wealthy companions.

Finann freedom and the pitfalls of a big city. All this is a big mesh, which will engage with an intelligent and reasonable young hunter. If I could ever get into debt, it never occurred to me in a dream. But the banks called me almost every week that they had a credit card ready for me, and when I found it in the mailbox, I succumbed and activated it, Jan from Prague said. I should have stayed and not refused to offer more vigorously. I wouldn’t get you into sweat later, so sad.

The path to the dlunk registry is fast
This is how it is easy for me to spread my debt. Absolutely without income, you can suddenly drink up to a hundred thousand. You just need to set up more than one different bank, take out an overdraft, and take credit cards for it, and that’s it. And then the hundreds, when you can’t get a brigade, give birth and friends to drink… One day you get a suit with an execution order. Banks are not so easy to prepare for their pensions. Half a reminder, and if you don’t pay, have the property seized from you. In addition, information about each of your debts, and it will only take you crowns, will get to the register, where it has been kept for three years.

All banks have access to the register, and if you want to take out a mortgage in the future, you don’t have to get it. He will become a client of problems only because you forgot to pay for years out of your youth.

Vce pj tyi bank
While you can make money with student banks of most banks, you can get credit cards without proof of income only from Komern banka and esk spoitelny.

Studentsk pjky nabz:

  • Komern bank
    including Gaudeamus and up to 500,000 crowns, certainly requires, for example, a registered parent and another deposit.
  • Potovn spoitelna
    elov vr in the distance and students without their own income.
  • Volksbank
    If the student does not have income, he must have a guarantor with a regular provable income.
  • ivnobanka
    A student loan of up to CZK 300,000 with a long maturity of 10 years and a deferred payment for the duration of the study. If the student does not have his / her own income, it is guaranteed that a birth is guaranteed.

be careful
The fact that your first debt was successfully settled and you repaid in you does not mean that it will continue to be paid. The motto for debt is the norm that banks so often promote, in practice it is not always true. It is necessary to learn how to get into debt, so that the debt from billions is not the best round. The Finn’s trained hunter should first come out with what he or she has. The overdraft is a reserve if you have to pay quickly and there is not enough pension for it. You have to cover the bag with the fact that no one, not even the bank, does not charge anything for free and takes many years for the pension.

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