The building society was also affected by the reform: speed up investment in housing

Although the building complex itself will not undergo major changes, the reform will still affect it. In particular, the tax will also have an adverse effect on the tax dispute when fulfilling the building savings.

Even after the reform of the state, it will preserve the possibility of repaying a year from vr urench on housing needs. On the other hand, the deduction from the tax base is negatively supported by the same tax base.

The middle and you of the income of the group pay the same tax base
The same tax base has a negative effect on all taxes that meet the conditions of the tax year from the tax base (according to paragraph 15 of the Income Tax Act) and the building connection is no exception. Like people who meet the building society, people with mortgages will be affected in this case.

It’s simple math. The fee that meets the conditions of the return will be tax-based on the years paid from the return to the home and it is logical, especially for the exchange of tax dogs, there will be a deduction in the same tax dispute. Theoretically, the introduction of the same tax can be paid by the people in the current lowest tax dog (12%), but the former is the minimum.

All people who have it, or even those with a mind to marry it, should therefore be left behind and realize that it is better to pay for it for years this year than five years. Of course, this applies even more to those who move in the highest tax dog (32%), or the tax dispute is the highest for them and will fall the most in the first year.

In the air, it is more suitable than mortgages
For those who use a building connection with a change of safe and suitable connection, nothing changes with the beginning of 2008. During the year, deposits and deposits also depend only on individual savings banks.

It is worth mentioning that the exempted income from mortgage bonds has been canceled. Although they have nothing to do with the building society directly, the abolition of this exemption could dream of their attractiveness and be reflected in the years of mortgage rates. It is therefore possible that this legislative change could help the building society to compete with mortgages.

The VAT rate reduction is a problem for all builders
Probably the worst blow for all those who make investments in housing or reconstruction, the VAT rate is reduced from five to nine percent. There is no connection with the building society, but the negative impact of tax disputes and the prices of all construction work will ultimately lead to a sharp impact on wallets. It pays twice as much for those who have to pay for such an investment, incl.

Those interested in housing and other construction work should sleep. Although I have negotiated a generous exception to the reduced VAT rate for social housing (flats with an area of ​​up to 120 square meters and family houses up to 350 square meters), the reduced rate will change in January.

What to do to me now, don’t delay for five years
If, on the other hand, someone has to renovate the apartment building in their apartment this year, the supplier will charge him a rate of 5%. If it postponed for a year pt, it will still be in the same rate, but it will be 9%. Suppose that the taxpayer reconstructs the apartment core at a price of 150,000 K without VAT. This year, he would pay 157,500 K for such a reconstruction, while 163,500 K for five years.

The tax reform of the suitability of building societies is definitely not limited
The tax reform will therefore not bring points to the building society. The first year, the building company received a few years ago with snow support. The group of clients (especially those using the building society as a savings product) did not renew the contract after these changes.

Since 2008, the tax reform has again been unchanged for the clients of building societies, who take on the financing of their housing needs, incl. For this, the first uniform rate of income tax. The chapter for itself is the VAT number reduced from 1 January 2008. Paradoxically, in the short term, this will lead to an increase in housing investment and the VAT rate, incl. In the long run, however, the way in which investment in housing will increase will certainly be cooled.

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