There were 4 kilos of potatoes and tst. Make tons of potatoes today

Many people registered the Strnick potato symbol and at the moment when he started singing and dancing in color on television. And the stle grows.

It is the year 1988. Manel Hob from Strnice runs a buffet at the summer cinema with the permission of the local national committee. It’s the lemon balm and the beer, sell a bunch of potatoes, which Petr Hoba, like a former cook, laughs at home on the stove.

It is the spring of 2017. Seven in the office of the new production hall of the family company Strnick brambrky and I have a generation of entrepreneurs, brothers Petr and Libor Hobov. Behind the wall there is a huge line which, with minimal human help, produces over a ton of smashed potatoes in an hour.

What happened between the two events gave them some of the most important business stories about what they can do. Sorry, Moravan.

The family business was founded after the revolution in Tatnek. But it wasn’t the confident entrepreneurial start that there were thousands at the time.
The father is a supporter of the rule: He doesn’t have to pretend when he’s dripping. I have to drip for a long time. In 1989, he left the town of a warehouse in the local textile factory, bought a potato for 150 crowns, which was a big investment at the time, peeled off three kilos of potatoes and sold them. You went to a traditional Bzeneč fair, where in twenty minutes he sold 70 boxes, which he originally had for the whole day. It was a big shower, so kicked in the ass.

How full it was?
dn. He didn’t even know what the MSc would be. He just had a dream and he wanted to fulfill it: somehow to enjoy those potatoes. He fell into business and learned everything for good: where to get potatoes, how, for how much, how to eat and fry He had no experience. He took an old worn-out ambulance, turned it blue, and started a business.

Age brambrkm pla.
Yes, there were two counters of goods, there was a great shortage of them. He started business cooperation in Jednota, then saw a large chain. When he signed a contract with Ahold, as an esk hunter, he did not wonder for a long time in communism how the Holananm caught it. In 1994, he shared the technology of potato chips. He began to pack the necessary knowledge: closed, food hygiene, occupational safety. In fact, it can still be done today.

From what did the father finance the start?
First of the disputes, he did not want to take vr, so he made a lot of sm. He later shared a fryer for three million, and he needed a pension from the bank.

At that time, products from the Land flocked here.
But the Czech customer remained conservative and we took advantage of that. We treat people to be fully open: we have a transparent package to see what they are buying, and we fill it completely. Let’s tie the public to production on excursions, especially in summer there is a lot of people here.

Don’t be afraid that someone will copy the know-how here?
would he do it too? Well, that’s a lot of fun.

What were the biggest problems with all the signs?

Some dealings with supermarkets were complicated, conditions were not agreed. But today we have our own brand in every business chain in R, unlike the competition.

Is it difficult to sell fried potatoes at a time when the world has a healthy lifestyle?
No. Of course, you can’t eat too many of them, so they are only edestigrams and contain two portions. And you have to do it with movement. We taste our potatoes every day and so far they have not eaten.

How do you taste in the menu? And which customers do they like best?
At the arrest we sold solen, esnekov, the comparisons finally ended. In 1996, bacon was added. It’s been a long time in. And in 2010 saws unsalted and a combination of pep and sl. The customers clearly have salt, the snails are in the second place, we developed them for two years. When we brought them to the tasting German supplier, he looked weird. And before he gave nvtvou u hlsil: Pivezte esnekov.

And what about the exotic flavors that are so in md today, you don’t fulfill?
New trends come whenever you like them, customers taste them and over time they return to the classics. We have a long limited edition grammar, not a taste.

What is the difference between a chip and a potato, which you rely on?
Unlike potatoes, the chips are blanched, which means that they are rinsed with water before mixing. The production is then more efficient, but the potato taste is lost because the sugar and starch are crushed.

How did the two of them actually become potato experts?
When my father started a business, we were boys. We go from childhood, we also have a relationship with companies. It never occurred to us to give anything else. We came here as debtors, we wanted to know it and be able to say it. But if it weren’t for us, he would surely be the father pedal to someone capable.

What did not happen, you took over the company and built a new factory.
Until 2013, we shared in the old arel, but the one was built, so we bought land on the outskirts of the city and built a new, modern arel. The problem was that the land from the village was first bought by an Austrian company and we had to buy it from them for a lot in retirement. We considered moving to Holeov, but we would have to grow or come, release the people from Strnice, who have been working here for twenty years. We better pay.

Is it a problem to get a good employee?
Currently, about 50 people work for us. The supply of jobs in the region is not large, companies are here for several years and then disappear. Last year, 7 women went to mateskou, we got about 40 CVs, we selected employees, but in the end they didn’t even get a degree. And at the same time we pay 30 percent of VAT, it is not around bn. They didn’t like having to go shifts, they wouldn’t be allowed.

We started with a time jump, let’s go one. It’s the year 2037. Is there a jet Strnick potato?
The Hobovch family still exists. We hope that our children, who are going today, should start helping the company and find their place here. However, they will have to deserve it as much as we once did.

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