They had the courage to follow the dream. They changed the profession that was alive

m wants bt, and will be big? First ask the teacher at the file, last at graduation or graduation. Doctor, kadenk, architect? Sometimes death changes me. Instead of hiding a dormitory, the hunter goes for a dream. The article in the City Life magazine presented the second branch.

Zdenk PileckSmm prosit?

He belongs to the pioneers of today’s popular Lindy Hop style and was the first to start a steppe star abroad in Prague. Sm appeared in productions at the Musical Theater in Karln and in Sttn opee. However, Zdenk Pileck’s Zig-Zag studio stood on a parquet floor.

Originally he wanted to go to architecture, but he graduated from BUT and for several years he worked on the design of transport structures. I enjoyed it, only every bike was right from the stop at the hok, remember the inenrsk lta Pileck. He left the profession in the late 80’s for financial reasons and because of risk. My work was constantly threatening crime. Whatever went wrong on the construction site, the only answer was the designer, he explains.

At that time, he practiced ballroom dancing. Originally, the dance began to interest me due to the girls in the dance. The boys took the courses and went to help with other lessons. And when it came to me, I was crazy at twenty, the same day the legend will smile. He gradually took a step to the social dances, then jazz and ballet.

He began studying scnick dance at the conservatory. I wanted to exchange the office for a ballet of Czechoslovak television. The auditions lasted two months, and when I went to the last round of the camera rehearsals, they said, and we’re wearing the best ones. Urit, I was not a rebel, but I was drunk in the days and in a pulled-out sweater, first that ruined it. He settled in the Karl Music Theater and after the revolution he turned into the Sttn Opera.

I took advantage of the lack of tanenk boy. In Karln, we also had musicals on the repertoire, where the first ballroom dances, tap and acrobatics were useful, which, unlike conservatorists, I could do. Replacing long-term employment with artistic uncertainty is not easy even today. I started late, so Zdenk Pileck adds mistakes in the profession of fellow colleagues who recommend or fall into the project.

He enjoyed teaching his skills to active artists, he taught at two conservatories in Prague. But I’m happy to own a studio and a dance group where I can realize my ideas. I regularly invite stepae and swingae abroad. And that mt, close.

Luk VaekLook for new donuts

He worked in an international company, full of pee donuts. He opened the bakery Oh Deer Bakery and he has to think about more than two business strategies. Luk Vaek is fighting unprecedented competition in the field of sweet pastries. So big that he had to invent his own kind.

I had the impression that there was no place to buy a good donut in Prague, so I started to see if I could do it five days, one day the one of the first impulses. Not the first donut got stubborn, the people used to go to the company called Donuter for donuts and the market in the market was slowly filling up.

I had space for a bakery and a shop in the crack of Blehradsk street, so I started looking for something new and I remembered the cronut. The hybrid between a French croissant and an American donut, a donut, was invented by Dominique Ansel sugar in New York five years ago. Praan only knew him by hearsay, so Vaek baked him straight for them, even with his name, crobliha.

During the establishment of a new company, he used the experience of previous employment. He worked for a long time for an international company that was engaged in the installation of air conditioning units firmly in shopping centers.

I was responsible for the running of the company for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, he describes the work that he lived for many years. I insisted on traveling between Prague and Bratislava and started to study geoinformatics. The workload increased with each mouse and the responsibility increased. I needed a change.

He did not stick to his new employees in this respect. Ask pekae, my salary and salary every day after full time, you leave with a surcharge. I’m constantly struggling with time, I need to have a day of 35 hours. I’ll take you home and fuck the house for eight nights, says Luk Vaek.

His strength slipped a response and lately he has been able to sell out the stretched cronuty ride before noon. I have had quite a positive reaction since the arrest. My friends were testing my products, giving me so much feedback, remembering how his surroundings made the first manager go to the bakery. They just did a lot of birth, just like bv. They didn’t like to get a good job for something I didn’t know if it would work, add a young man with a laugh.

Regina ChlumskOptometry s korkem a vvrtkou

He is a renowned pedoperan specialist in laser surgery for university lectures at university and has worked as a manager in an international company. On top of that, she left and began to devote herself entirely to her grandmother. When people fly, I have a huge social credit. Wonder people, for what I gave up, describes the reaction of Regina Chlumsk. I don’t care if I help them see or know them.

She wanted to be a doctor, eventually studying optometry and building a sunny career at a renowned clinic. When you put someone on your glasses, they simply replace them. In the case of optometry for laser surgery, you must be absolutely accurate. I probably excelled at that, to Chlumsk.

She got into the management of the company, traveled all over the world and graduated from university. I also loved it too, riding in the vineyards was, among other things, a great ending, a pizza. I never drank or had a beer. I don’t know anything I then found out that people who are so-called supertastei can’t stand the hasty taste.

Just like someone is a brunette and another blonde, we have a different set of tastes. Regina Chlumsk is one of those who have first developed this sense in an unprecedented way. The member began to study HV expertise. Pat to the nature of medicine, there also under ute, dodv.


In the dream, which will be published on November 24, you will, for example, have an interview with Nina Pitlnková.

She first studied at the Czech Sommelier Academy and then at the WSET in Britain. But the best study is that you drink it, to sommelier. She also wanted to pass on the experience of another loving woman, so she founded the Wine Society. It is not a dal of many wine shops, but a wine club. Clem is to wrap the girls in cotton and offer them not only good luck, but also a friendly approach.

A lot of sommelier, and this is again similar to medicine, use a lot of foreign professional names. When I talk during the tasting, people will sit like sticks on a front and be honored that the apricots I’m talking about describe their death in Chlumsk. I wish that everyone would drink from one bottle, where I have their own wine. Clients leave with the fact that they learned a lot and that they enjoyed it. I force myself to honor the people for a while. I don’t know if, but it satisfies me, she said.

Martin VokTram instead of dictaphone

He exchanged interviews with government officials and star actors for a cab. Those who know me for a long time know about the tram dream. The rest is still surprising, when the greeting is known to the jingle of St. Tram, to Martin Vok.

He originally worked as a newspaper for several years. The early opening of MF DNES was a long-standing family tradition, he recalls how he decided on his permission for the first time. When I added the graphomanian tendencies I suffered in my student years, and the interest in public days, the newspaper was a clear choice for me.

After studying urnal studies, he quickly got into the newspapers, where he always worked. First as an elv and later as an editor of domestic news, he gradually learned the trade. Then the world economic crisis spilled over into the Czech media.

The editors necessarily intensified, the work in smaller groups accelerated, there was a long time left for a careful and analytical preparation of the text, Vok describes. I was honored to be able to keep up with this pace, and I also lacked enough sharp elbows to prick with the right darkness. I admire those who in the newspaper on the day the situation under the remains, to Martin.

He didn’t wait long for where to move. Only a mathematician discouraged him from leaving the Faculty of Transport and Tram to the world. For the crack, the transport company, however, worked as a brigdnk, and even after leaving the newspaper, it was enough to get a ride on the tram.

Even if I don’t sit in her cabin in my work every day, it’s always something to be very dark to this day. The crack of traffic is both stressful, but I can always leave work with a certain head. After working in a day where the newspaper has to keep dark, which he prepares or bakes, I consider it the most enlightened.

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