Tinder Handbook: What To Do To Succeed In The App

New year, new life, and maybe a new love? Finding the right person is part of many people’s resolutions. With that in mind, the Tinder team created a list of how people should act within the platform, increasing the chances of attracting.

1. Tell more about yourself

The more information you put into the app, the greater the chances of attracting someone who identifies with its characteristics.


2. Smile!

Who has never heard that smile attracts people? On Tinder this makes perfect sense. According to company data, at least 83% of users have photos smiling, but only 52% use them as a display photo.


3. Leave the sunglasses alone

Show your eyes, don’t hide! Nothing like that “exchange of glances” to be able to give a match. Users who show their eyes tend to be more successful. That’s what the company says!


4. Joy in clothes

A good bet to get matches is not to follow standards. Most users post photos wearing neutral-colored clothing. Stand out using different colors and prints.

joy in clothes

5. Confie no Smart Photos

The feature present in the app works like this: it rearranges your photos based on the ones that are most popular. It can be a good way to make a great first impression!

Smart Photos

6. Show what you like to hear

One of the most sought after features on the platform is musical taste, so there’s nothing easier than connecting to your Spotify account to find that person who likes the same things you do.

like to listen

7. Connect your Instagram account

The more information the better! Therefore, always keeping your photos up to date will make your profile more lively and attractive. Connecting your Instagram account can be a great facilitator in this case.


8. Sunday can be a special day

According to the Tinder team, Sunday is the busiest day on the platform. In addition, the afternoon period stands out even more. So instead of sitting on the couch watching TV, how about trying to find new love?


9. Be a Gifzeiro

It may seem strange, but the company has found that sending GIFs can increase your chances of receiving a response on the platform by up to 30%. Here’s the tip.

Be a Gifzeiro

10. Respect above all

Be yourself, but without disrespecting anyone. Being proud of who you are will make you stand out in front of everyone. And maintaining respect will earn you a lot of points!

Respect above all

Following these tips, according to Tinder, can take you out of anonymity and become a big hit on the platform. So if one of your goals this year is to find a new love, this could be a great path. Do you agree with this list? Let us know in the comments.

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