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All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. Thanks to this, they can work from anywhere. From the gaue in the collar, sure, it’s u bn today. But so from a tropical resort in Thailand and a cafe in Berlin. They are so-called digital nomdi and there are more of them.

Being a digital nomdem is not a kind of work, but a lifestyle, for the marker, photographer and co-author of the book Travel Bible Matou Vin, who saw a piece of the world. The thermal digital nomd has been in constant use in recent years. Indicates people who work on the go with just their laptop and internet connection.

Look for this way of life especially young people, but it is not the rule. Travel to people who are singles, as well as groups of friends, pry or even the whole family. Among these koovnky are often those who have left high positions and extraordinary salaries in order to relax. They want it differently and prove that it works even without a daily routine in the office.

The desire for freedom and note

The main motto of digital nomads is full every day. They want to constantly discover new cities and foreign cultures. Stereotypical work or clearly defined working hours are not the right thing for them. On the contrary, the opportunity to get to know the world more than once a year on vacation is their priority and motivation. Some travel early, others to a few months, they did not return to their home countries for several years.

I always traveled and looked for ways to connect travel to work for twenty-three years, Mata. I devoted a lot of time to writing and taking photos of the arrest, but gradually it became clear to me that working for a long time in the field, which he can do online from anywhere, is a much better option for young people, according to him.

At the same time, he knew that if the traveler had a long-term direct connection with work, he would not enjoy it by far. Those years ago, he began to devote himself fully to advertising on Facebook, and he has been here on a freelance basis to this day. And since the Travel Bible gradually spread from the book throughout the company, it took more time and energy for the first two, added Matou Vin.

Bad priorities

Digitln nomdi hard, that travel me cad. And as often as possible. Not all job positions or the employer can do it. The fields of IT, programming, photography and graphics, online marketing, copywriting or translation are the most popular.

Much more important than a specific field, the main thing is if the hunter works, is very good, is reliable, can communicate clearly and can sell. It also includes a general view, extends to the surrounding fields and logically rewards from countries where there are general salaries. The chapter itself is then a corporate business and investment, think the young traveler.

But whoever is in the world will leave for a year to roam the world. In addition, he would have to worry about his city much more than at home. Among the biggest disadvantages are many nronj communication with clients, employers, colleagues. But it’s definitely not an inevitable problem, it’s just a skill you need to learn, to Matou Vin.

On the contrary, he considers the possibility of bt tm anywhere in the world to be an advantage, nor would he have to take a vacation. Like many other nomdes, you probably have a Central European winter, so I can just move to a place where it is warm. Some also take advantage of the fact that they can be a cheaper country, not the one from which the salary is. It is also a great opportunity to get to know the place where we are going, not if we only drank as a tourist, add Matou Vin.

It takes discipline

Freelancers are not so restricted by the rules, but they do not mean that digital people are disciplined. On the contrary, in the case of long work, the responsibility is certainly not classic. Clients can easily find a replacement.

This lifestyle is suitable for anyone who is able to work independently and can maintain a work ethic, even if no one has caught up with it. It is important that anyone who is comfortable working from home can work from another country, Mind them. Discipline is, of course, very important. Just like if a hunter has fun. If not, it’s very difficult to do anything in a foreign country. There is much more to the distractor who distracts him.

We always want to maintain a regular daily routine, find a suitable system of personal productivity and reduce your level as much as possible. If you need to concentrate on your work, turn off all notifications on your computer and phone, sometimes even fully disconnect from the Internet.

Mn means more on the road

Digital nomdi travel light, they are surrounded by a piece of clothing, well-connected and passported. So ideally two, one leave in the Czech Republic in case the loss of the one they have with them on the road. In addition, most of them go to the heat, and there are no worries about winter clothes.

Nomdi agrees that the most important are documents, secure internet access and good modern technology. They can’t do without a reliable computer, a phone, possibly a camera and a portable router. It is the same for them, so they most often use the cloud or external drives.

Matou was the longest eight months in a row. I usually leave for the whole winter and I’m in Central Europe. I did not eclipse time in northern Thailand. But I also spent a lot of time in Vietnam and then MSc and two in countries like Japan, Australia, Portugal, the Netherlands or Germany. I flew around the area so many times, I also traveled to Laos, Burma and Malaysia, for example.

You do not have to be young without children and other bundles to be able to embark on a long journey. Some go on rides, others ride a motorcycle, car or even in a caravan. The young traveler Dominika Gawliczkov reached St. Twenties and Kyrgyzstan. Newspaper and writer Ladislav Zibura writes books about his markets in Asia and Europe.

The well-known traveler Vtzslav Vlka is once again visiting Europe with a woman and two children in a caravan. His dream is to travel around the world in this way. Translator Lucie and Karel Tatrant have been working on the road since 2015. With their three children, they set off for the first time in Europe. As they themselves, they are comfortable with slow travel, which means that they usually stay in one city for three quarters of a year. Most are many, just set off.

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