Uber launches new security features for users and drivers

In an online event held this Thursday (3rd), Uber announced a series of news related to service security for the entire ecosystem of the company. The company announced its system for checking user documents, food safety checks for restaurants and more programs to improve the quality of services provided by partners.

The new safety tools consist of document checking for new users, food safety checks for restaurants registered with Uber Eats and the placement of road safety educational campaigns for partner delivery partners and expansion of existing tools such as the detection of unexpected stops, now in version 2.0 of U-Help.

“The partner delivery companies will now also receive educational content on best practices in traffic,” commented Mariana Esteves, senior product manager at Uber. Document checking will be applied to newly registered users who request the first race with cash payment.

Registered restaurants must follow a strict food safety standard to stay on the platform.
Registered restaurants must follow a strict food safety standard to stay on the platform.Source: Uber/Reproduction

eye on the path

U-Ajuda, in turn, is the enhanced version of the tool launched last year for tracking trips. The tool starts automatically detecting unexpected or long stops, as well as identifying the completion of trips outside the desired destination.

Finally, U-Audio finally reaches all of Brazil. The audio recording tool allows the user or partner to report a security incident and attach an audio recording file — encrypted and kept on the original device.

a Uber/Reproduction

Against covid-19

Reiterating its commitment to combat the spread of the new Coronavirus — revealing investments in the region of R$ 50 million in Brazil alone. R$ 11 million were distributed as financial assistance to partners and R$ 8 million in reimbursement for PPE — masks, gel alcohol and related items — in addition to other initiatives aimed at the community.

Marcello Azambuja, director of Uber’s Tech Center in Brazil, recognizes Uber’s responsibility in connecting people in the real world through technology. “Uber connects people in the digital world to meet in the real world and is committed to reducing risks and increasing the security of everyone who uses our platform.”, he commented.

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