vry for construction and reconstruction for me not two thousand crowns msn

Young people can get to know and reconstruct the housing of a favorable vry with a low annual rate and installment, which will not exceed two thousand crowns. There are currently three different types of these, if they are intended for use.

This is a loan provided by the State Housing Development Fund, which can be submitted by people who in the year of business are under the age of 36 and meet all the conditions set out in the following regulations:

* 300 thousand crowns for young families for a living (according to the name of the government 616/2004 Coll. And 427/2006 Coll.)
* 150 thousand crowns in the castle is a cost associated with the modernization of an apartment or family house (according to government regulations. 28/2006 Coll.)
* 200 thousand crowns for a new housing development (according to the rules of government. 97/2002 Coll.)

You can read about the first of them, which can be obtained in the amount of 300 thousand crowns, in the commentary, which you will find here. In this article, we will focus on the other two. The parameters of all types (rate years, installments, maturity, etc.) are detailed in the table at the end of the line.

The State Development Fund lived in the year under construction for the reconstruction of real estate in the amount of 700 million crowns, for two it gave a total of 1500 million crowns, which according to SFRB information is enough funds and by the end of the year. The future of these vr is decided first now.

Together characteristics of all incl

All three vry can be combined with a mortgage and a building connection, but it is necessary to take into account the weight in advance that enough money from the SFRB must be the first to go before the property becomes the property of the applicant. One of the conditions provided for these returns is that the applicant (and thus the type of manel, see no) may not be the owner of other real estate. The same is true of crushed land. At the same time, it is stipulated that these receipts cannot be linked to the repayment of the other two provided, incl. Therefore, if the SFRB is to be combined, for example, with a mortgage, it is necessary to use it as the first source or at the same time, not a wall bag to provide it with a mortgage. You have to deal with the fact that the sound of heat from SFRB can take three and six weeks, sometimes according to.

Among the benefits of these include the possibility to repay at all times without penalties, nothing happens even if the client does not repay or do not use it at all. Unlike bank loans for financial housing, the bag paid for years cannot be deducted from the tax base. Only a building for housing up to 300 thousand crowns can be combined together with a building for reconstructions up to 150 thousand crowns. The guarantor is used as a guarantee, if the applicant is not, an executor’s report is possible.

How to file a vr

Forms and detailed information can be found on the SFRB website. Completed enough and necessary documents will be entered directly at the Fund’s work, there are two, in Prague and Olomouc. The whole bag can be issued by correspondence, in which case the bag must be allowed to verify some of the signatures on the notebook.

Consider the installments and total costs of the year

200 thousand crowns for a new housing development

It is the oldest of the above, it has been provided since 2002. Its maximum is 200 thousand crowns, maturity and ten years and years rate in 3%. It can only be handcuffed for the construction of new real estate, it cannot be used to finance the purchase (apartment, house, land) or the construction of a small apartment.

This is a bit problematic, as it sets limits limiting the size of the property. It can be provided only if the total floor area of ​​all rooms, including those that are part of the apartment, a maximum of 80 square meters in the case of an apartment and 120 square meters in the case of a family house. Not only the living area, but also the total area of ​​all rooms, ie the boiler room and the cellar, must fit into these limits. Don’t just ask for spaces that don’t have the character of a room, like gars, boats and balconies, pda, stairs.

Due to the fact that this house is intended for the construction of new real estate, it is somewhat incomprehensible, for it supports the creation of only smaller apartments. The hell of these limits is the most frequent pin, for those interested in this vr are not satisfied. According to the SFRB, 46% of all were rejected for this reason, and since 2002, a total of only 1,392 of these have been agreed. For comparison, up to 300 thousand crowns, which are provided for a short time, it was agreed to be tinct and pens of prints, including up to 150 thousand crowns for reconstructions, then eleven thousand.

Tenants are refused in cases where it is not a question of building a new property, but of buying it for cash. vr toti me bt provided only when the applicant is the investor of the construction. Of course, the property does not have to build self-help, but the building permit must be in his name. In order to meet the condition of a new property, a building permit must be issued after 1 January 2000.

Basic conditions for providing heat

* the applicant (or the type of manel) must not be quite older at the age of 36 years
* the applicant (or the type of manel) must not be at the time of the company enough about the owner or co-owner of an apartment, apartment house or family house
* an apartment or a family house with one apartment built with the help of this house must be used for the period of fulfillment
* floor area of ​​all rooms of the apartment, including the room that forms its accessories, must not exceed 80 square meters and floor area of ​​all rooms in a family house with one apartment, including rooms that make up its accessories, except for the garage, may not exceed 120 meters square.
* building permit was issued and after January 1, 2000

What can be tied to

* for the construction of an apartment and a family house with one apartment
* to change the building, which will create an apartment from the premises that were approved for other elm than for housing
* vr cannot be handcuffed to pay a flat-rate apartment, to pay a deposit for rent or to pay another fee

150 thousand crowns in the castle is a cost associated with the modernization of an apartment or family house

This vr is intended only for the reconstruction and modernization of real estate, not for the purchase or construction. It is provided up to a maximum of 150 thousand crowns. Vtina zjemc is spn, for lack of creditworthiness was not even one percent enough. In addition to supporting young families, its duty is also to improve the state of the housing stock. The defined applicant is the same as for vru up to 300 thousand crowns, which means that the condition is marriage or care. vr is therefore provided only:

* for persons who are still married, if at least one of the spouses in the year of business is under the age of 36, it is not decisive which of the spouses is enough
* for persons who do not live in marriage, in the year of business they are under the age of 36 and constantly care for at least one minor (they are also adopted)

As for the conditions and rules for provision, there are more of them than in the other two incl. Only some are listed here, detailed information can be found on the SFRB website and in the pslunch vldnch nazench.

Basic conditions for providing heat

* the modernized apartment must be used for permanent residence of the recipient of the company at all times
* if the man was granted to one of the manners, if the marriage lasts, this modernized apartment must be fulfilled for the period in the joint name of the manel, in the joint co-ownership of the manel or in the ownership of the manel to whom the man was granted; when it comes to the modernization of a crushed apartment, a manel must be in common
* the beneficiary is obliged to prove the use of the funds within two years from the date of conclusion of the contract, in the case of the castle of evil invoices he is obliged to document the final invoice
* Tax documents proving the use of the year must be issued at the earliest after the date of the company, and their castle must occur and after the date of the writing of the funds, which must be stated in the

vr cannot be provided:
* to the applicant, who meets the conditions set for the applicant not living in marriage, but the species is born to his child or the person with whom this child is in foster care is the recipient of the heat; this does not apply if this applicant is in the world, the institution of education or foster care gave a minor to a child
* pjemci hot packed
* na modernizovan byt opakovan
* to pay off another vru
* vr cannot be combined with vr for a new residential building according to the rules of the government. 97/2002 Coll., Ie with the said amount up to 200 thousand crowns; this means that vr for reconstructions will not be provided:
– an applicant who has been provided with funds in accordance with the instructions of the government. 97/2002 Sb.
– for a permanent marriage or to the spouse of a person who has become a recipient of funds according to the instructions of the government. 97/2002 Sb.
– for an apartment for which funds have been provided in accordance with the instructions of the government. 97/2002 Sb.

What can be tied to

* for construction rights or maintenance work on:
– an apartment house or family house, if it is owned or co-owned by the applicant
– apartment owned or co-owned by the applicant, including construction rights and maintenance work related to the common center of the house
– an apartment in an apartment building or a family house, if it is owned by a housing estate, the applicant is a member and at the same time the tenant of such an apartment
* for the connection of an apartment house, family house or house with apartments in ownership to the public technical equipment, if the applicant is the owner or co-owner of the connection of the building

The conditions and parameters of all changes in the Housing Development Fund are in the following table:

typ pjky

vr for young familiesvr for modernization of the apartmentvr for a new housing development
vldn nazen.616/2004 and 427/2006 Sb.28/2006  Sb.97/2002 Sb.
max. and vru (K)300 000 K150 000 K200 000 K
average provided in vru292 321 K145 512 K194 256 K
how much vr was provided13 47011 0151392

Parameters vr:

years rate2 %2 %3 %
max. maturity period20 let10 let10 let
spltka pi max. vru1518 K1380 K1931 K
zatek erpn (since the signing of the contract)do 2 letup to 1 yeardo 2 let
max. erpn time (since signing the contract)do 3 letdo 2 letdo 3 let
extraordinary payments




Podmnky pro zskn vru:

vk dataunder 36 – one hundred manelsunder 36 – one hundred manelsdo 36 let – oba manel
marital statusmanel, or an individual caring for dtmanel, or an individual caring for dtwithout restrictions
pouit u drustevnho bytupevod drustevnho podluonly upgrades and repairsnot possible
byt, dmcouple i vstavbaonly upgrades and repairsinstallation only
apartment size limitsare not specifiedare not specifiedmax. 80 m2 per apartment and 120 m2 per family house

Source: Sttn Housing Development Fund, Fincentrum.cz

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