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They are respectful. But is the Czech curiosity still so strong that it is impossible to break free from the balls of intrigue that go hand in hand? Or do we have more common sense, like the Matj firefighter in the Czech language about the immortal aunt?

He had a survey among people, which was made this year by Pojiovna esk spoitelny, suggests that human life is still blooming in our country. Some people don’t like to see that others are rich, better, catch, happy.

Let’s take a look at property, pensions, relationships, shower and work. After all, how about one letter: It is better for the people to see you, not if they regret it.

How are you doing with the whims and your surroundings? Can you elite the elite or tame it in yourself? What kind of confront have you encountered in life and what do you see most? Share an opinion and vote in the poll.

Co si ei nejvc zvid?

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spch v prci


Good relationships


But pensions and showers do not have to be forever. I live with a few pimples and soils. And then those who have seen others can begin to consider what the real value is.

The video survey shows that we mostly see pensions and assets. And let’s value our health the most. And if we had the opportunity to shit a little longer so that we would never drink about it in our lives, it would also be good work, partnerships and happy and successful children.

Heath IM Provement