WhatsApp launches page listing security flaws in messenger

WhatsApp has created a new page on the messenger’s official website to list in detail all the security vulnerabilities already identified and fixed on the platform. The goal is to be as transparent as possible with users, as there are limitations to doing this in the App Store and Google Play Store.

On the website, you will find all bugs and loopholes listed by their own code, as well as a brief description of what each threat represented and on which operating systems it could happen.

The most recent bug, for example, is CVE-2020-1894. Because of it, users could be victims of code executed by third parties through messages sent via notifications. This issue involved Android app version 2.20.35, Messenger version 2.20.30 for iPhones and WhatsApp Business in build 2.20.20.


So far, according to the page, WhatsApp has had five security holes fixed in 2020 — five of them fixed the same day they were detected. In the same place, it is also possible to check failures referring to 2018 and 2019.

For now, the website section is not translated into Brazilian Portuguese, although the title of the page is already listed as “WhatsApp Security Notices”. The company also stressed that the ideal is to keep the messenger always updated to the latest version, regardless of which platform you use.

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