Windows 11 will support third-party widgets, rumor says

Windows 11 will have support for third-party widgets and won’t be limited to Bing stuff, according to “Walking Cat,” a famous insider who shares Microsoft rumors. According to the user’s Twitter profile, the operating system will only arrive with support for the company’s widgets, but the addition of third-party extensions will come after release.

After a build leak of the new Windows 11 last week, users of the unofficial edition of the system noticed the existence of widgets within the file explorer and task viewer. However, the feature was restricted to displaying news and weather information, which was already added to Windows 10.

The information that support for third-party extensions should only come after release, if at all, was corroborated by tech blogger Rafael Rivera. The engineer stated that the system does not have APIs for third-party widgets and can only display content served by Microsoft.

Support for third-party widgets would expand the possibilities of customizing the information available to the user, who might give some thought to disabling the feature right away.

Windows 11 will be officially unveiled on the 24th of this month at 12:00 (GMT) at a Microsoft conference. Check out the main bets for the new operating system.

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