Zoom Wins Secure With Two-Step Authentication

The Zoom video conferencing platform received a new security update and now supports two-step authentication for enterprises. The functionality is already being released globally by the company and brings options to ensure an extra layer of protection for users.

Zoom’s two-step authentication provides an extra step when logging into a meeting. In addition to needing a username and password, the user has to provide other evidence to prove that he or she is the owner of the account that will enter the conference room.

The update promises to prevent identity theft and protect company data
The update promises to prevent identity theft and protect company dataSource: Zoom

According to the company, the validation system can be done with passwords, mobile devices and also biometrics. To make the procedure easier, the extra layer of login security can also be configured with authentication applications from companies such as Microsoft and Google.

According to Zoom, the adoption of the new system reduces the risk of identity theft, as well as protecting information from important users and from high positions in companies. The platform also points out that the adoption of the technology should reduce costs for small businesses and educational institutions, as it is an effective and free way to ensure more security during videoconferences.

How to enable two-step authentication

According to Zoom, two-step authentication can be enabled individually, for groups of users, and for all users in an organization. Below, you can see the step-by-step instructions for activating the function:

  1. Between no Dashboard do Zoom
  2. In the navigation menu, click on Advanced and access Safety
  3. Check if the option Log in with Two-Step Authentication is activated

With dual authentication enabled on the company server, you can configure the role in the following ways:

For all users on your account: Enables authentication for all company users in Zoom;
Users with specific titles: Enables dual authentication for users who play specific roles in the organization;
Users who belong to specific groups: triggers the function for a group of users. It can be activated via the brush icon.

More details about the function are available on the Zoom support website. You can also download Zoom through Baixaki.

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